Marc Rose: “I Got Here For The Love Of The Pussy”

We consider Marc Rose the sexiest male performer in the adult industry. Not only because of his fit, built 6 feet 2 inches body, but also because his British accent, voice, bearded and style. Although Marc often doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, Inside Porn believes it’s just a matter of time until he reachesContinuar lendo “Marc Rose: “I Got Here For The Love Of The Pussy””

X Miller: “My Mom Paid School And I Became A Porn Star”

21-year-old Xavier Miller was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Newbie in porn, he has been performing in adult movies since early 2018. His goal is to become a director. Inside Porn interviewed the stud.

Chad White: “The Mainstream World Isn’t My Cup of Tea”

Like him or not, Chad White is one of the most famous straight porn stars in the industry these days. He is not only hot, dominant, a typical alpha male, but he is also very intelligent, someone who wants to know the secrets of life. Inside Porn had the chance to interview him.