Viktor Rom: “I’m Not Only Here For 15 Minutes”

Viktor Rom Visser is the stage name of a 30 years-old lawyer originally from Venezuela who found his way into the fame by having sex in front of cameras. This 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 180 pounds latino stud is considered one of the strongest personalities and one of the best actors to break intoContinuar lendo “Viktor Rom: “I’m Not Only Here For 15 Minutes””

Bel Gris: “I Want To Offer Pornography With No Labels”

Bel Gris is a porn producer from Spain, who has drawn critical attention due to his excellent work in the adult entertainment industry. His formula is quite simple: not only he creates cool content, for all audiences, he is also politically responsible. With that being said, do not expect scenes that degrade the female figureContinuar lendo “Bel Gris: “I Want To Offer Pornography With No Labels””

Lorenzo Viota: “I Am A Dominant Alpha Male”

Alpha males are always very dominant. They are sure of their beliefs and don’t really care what other males think. Plus: they are always in charge no matter what. In sex, it wouldn’t be different. Check out our exclusive interview with porn star Lorenzo Viota, the self-proclaimed alpha male who is also always ready to fuck.Continuar lendo “Lorenzo Viota: “I Am A Dominant Alpha Male””

Mr. Marcus: “Porn Can Be Empowering And Inspirational”

Mr. Marcus is a well established porn star born in Pomona, California. He began his career back in 1994 and has received many awards over the course of 20 years in the business – AVN Best Supporting Actor in 1997, XRCO Male Performer Of The Year in 1999 and most recently the Urban X AwardsContinuar lendo “Mr. Marcus: “Porn Can Be Empowering And Inspirational””

Antonio Biaggi: “The Safer Sex Is No Sex At All”

This interview was originally published in 2013, but there’s some update. Tell me a little bit about yourself. I was born in New York but my parents are from Puerto Rico and I never lived in NY. After I was born, my parents went back to Puerto Rico where I lived all my life.

Kai Taylor: “I Want To Be Sitting At The Top Before I Leave Porn”

Check out our exclusive interview with the only and one Kai Taylor. This interview was originally made in 2013 and published in a Brazilian magazine.

Guillaume Wayne: “O pornô me ajudou a lidar com a minha imagem”

O bonitão francês Guillaume Wayne tem 29 anos, 1,79 de altura e 70 quilos. É o típico magro dotado que a gente vê por aí: são 20cm de talento que, nos últimos seis anos, ele tem exibido em ação sem pudor em frente às câmeras. Quando não está filmando para as grandes empresas, Guillaume fazContinuar lendo “Guillaume Wayne: “O pornô me ajudou a lidar com a minha imagem””

Cristian Sam: “Porn Unites Us A Nation”

One of the hottest porn stars of the moment is our Argentine neighbor Cristian Sam. At 32, this handsome man is 6’0 and 192 lbs, with an exciting beard and a cock that is about 9 inches long, very thick. Filming today for the main adult entertainment companies in the world, Cristian feels the tasteContinuar lendo “Cristian Sam: “Porn Unites Us A Nation””

Cristian Sam: “El porno también nos une como naciones”

Uno de los actores porno más queridos del momento es nuestro vecino argentino Cristian Sam. A los 32 años, este hermoso hombre tiene 87 kilos distribuidos en 1,83 de altura, con una barba excitante. Su dote es de increíbles 22x7cm. Además de filmar hoy para las principales empresas del entretenimiento adulto, Cristian cosecha los frutosContinuar lendo “Cristian Sam: “El porno también nos une como naciones””

Chad White: “The Mainstream World Isn’t My Cup of Tea”

Like him or not, Chad White is one of the most famous straight porn stars in the industry these days. He is not only hot, dominant, a typical alpha male, but he is also very intelligent, someone who wants to know the secrets of life. Inside Porn had the chance to interview him.