Johnny Sins: “Porn Was Always In The Back Of My Head”

Johnny Sins made his debut in porn back in 2006 and has been working with top productions companies and studios ever since. He also shoots content for his own company and his Onlyfans profile (including jerk off scenes, of course!) Twelve years later and with over 1 thousand scenes on his impressive résumé, JohnnyContinuar lendo “Johnny Sins: “Porn Was Always In The Back Of My Head””

Kyle Mason: “I Have A Strong Drive To Rise To The Top”

Raised in Minnesota, but living in Northern California for the past few years, Kyle Mason is one of the best things to have ever happened to straight porn. He’s in his early 30s, has a beautiful face and body 6’1” and 185 lbs (plus a 9 3/h inches cock!) and a great energy to getContinuar lendo “Kyle Mason: “I Have A Strong Drive To Rise To The Top””

Bo Sinn: “I Do What I Gotta Do”

Born in Quebec City, 33 year-old Bo Sinn has a lot to say about life in porn. He went from an amateur to one of the most famous male performers in less than two years. His sky rocking career has its ups and downs, like anything else in life, but the best for Bo isContinuar lendo “Bo Sinn: “I Do What I Gotta Do””

Max Deeds: “My Perfect Job Is To Be In Demand In Whatever I Do”

We spoke with one of the most handsome guys to hit the industry in years. Max Deeds is a 28 years-old stud from Newport, Wales and has a lot to offer other than porn. He shared with us his passion for the fashion industry and the plans to launch his own clothing brand (which he accomplished one yearContinuar lendo “Max Deeds: “My Perfect Job Is To Be In Demand In Whatever I Do””

Ryan Driller: “My Actions And My Personality Speak Volumes To Who I Am”

Ryan Driller is indeed one of the biggest adult performers in the business today. He has a down-to-earth, friendly and humble personality and maybe those characteristics explain why he keeps getting work in such a competitive industry – It may also have to do with those eyes, smile and a great performance, of course. Back inContinuar lendo “Ryan Driller: “My Actions And My Personality Speak Volumes To Who I Am””

X Miller: “My Mom Paid School And I Became A Porn Star”

21-year-old Xavier Miller was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Newbie in porn, he has been performing in adult movies since early 2018. His goal is to become a director. Inside Porn interviewed the stud.

Andy Onassis: “Estou vivendo um sonho”

O ator brasileiro Andy Krugger, agora conhecido internacionalmente como Andy Onassis, é um dos novos rostos do pornô internacional desde que  a gigante Tim Tales anunciou seu nome em maio como novo ator da produtora europeia. Por aqui, o gostosão já era conhecido por ensaios sensuais e por um trabalho para a Hotboys, com o famosoContinuar lendo “Andy Onassis: “Estou vivendo um sonho””

Karlo Karrera: “They Say I Am A Friendly Giant”

Karlo Karrera is a tall, dark and a handsome man from Dominican Republic who always wanted to help other people. He used to save lives as a paramedic in Miami before he even started doing porn, almost eight years ago. “Señor” Karrera is a giant: 6’5 tall, 230 lbs of muscle and an equally magnificentContinuar lendo “Karlo Karrera: “They Say I Am A Friendly Giant””

Koldo Goran: “Um cara me viu e sugeriu que eu fizesse pornô”

Alguns atores da milionária indústria pornô gostam da fama. Pelo menos a maioria, eu arriscaria dizer. Eles criam perfis nas redes sociais, dão entrevistas, postam conteúdo online o tempo todo, exibem suas figuras em eventos, abusam de drinks caros e roupas de marca e não perdem uma festa por nada. Adoram estar em evidência. SãoContinuar lendo “Koldo Goran: “Um cara me viu e sugeriu que eu fizesse pornô””

Viktor Rom: “I’m Not Only Here For 15 Minutes”

Viktor Rom Visser is the stage name of a 30 years-old lawyer originally from Venezuela who found his way into the fame by having sex in front of cameras. This 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 180 pounds latino stud is considered one of the strongest personalities and one of the best actors to break intoContinuar lendo “Viktor Rom: “I’m Not Only Here For 15 Minutes””