Mr.BigFatDick: “I Am A Sex Addict”

His name is Martin. He was born in December 1985 in Austria. At the age of 33 he is probably the most famous Austrian porn star of the world – not that there’s another one we recall coming from that country (how did we forget of Mick Blue???) but that doesn’t change the fact that Martin is powerful.

Everything about him speaks power. To begin with, he named himself as Mr. Big Fat Dick (go figure!). Martin has a 10 inches cock, a full hot beard, he’s 1,88 tall, 95kg, what literally make him a giant who fucks beautiful women in front of camera.

Martin just attended this year’s edition of AVN – the oscar of porn in the United States. Although he wasn’t nominated for any category, he told InsidePorn he made a lot of  business while in America. “But it’s not easy for an European guy to work in the US. Of course, you need a visa and American ID, so I basically stayed with friends and made a lot of networking and future business”.

How did you get into porn?

Porn always interested me since my young age. When I watched my first porn movie on VHS or saw pictures in adult magazines, I knew what I wanted to become. I wanted to be a porn star. So eight years ago, my plan finally came into action. I am absolutely sex addicted. Fitness and bodybuilding are also big parts of my lifestyle. I have been working really hard for many years to form my body só you guys can see it how it is today.

What is your goal in this industry?

I like to be the best in whatever I do. However, in order to do só, I must travel a lot since in Vienna there’s nothing related to this business. And to be honest, I did not expect to shoot for big companies, but then the company “DDF” contacted me. Until that time, I have only had jobs for some smaller companies like “Funmovies” or “Videorama” in Austria or Germany. I was very surprised and very happy that I could shoot for this company.


How did you first shoot go?

My first shoot was excellent and I got one new offer after another also in Prague. At this time I worked under my artist name “Marco Martinez”. Till today I worked for Digital Playground, Pierre Woodman, DDF, Legal Porno, Sindrive, Tainster, Porndoepremium, Reality Lovers etc. I’m very thankful.

What’s your favorite role in porn?

I’m very dominant, I already had different rolls… I never see it as a job.. you must love what you do! – thats the secret. Someone may like it, someone may not like it. It’s ok. But I often change my stlye, you know? My favorite passion is making my own productions in my own specific way (my own movies and work more professional). But anyway staying authentic in what I am doing is one of my goals. It´s important for me that all people who are involved have much fun. Only then you can get the best results.


What’s the favorite porn setting for you?

Good people, harmony and people who have fun in it – then the scene comes out perfect.

How much do you work out? You have a perfect body!

I’m training 15 years regulary. I love fitness, bodybuling – the same like sex.. I eat clean, healthy and I dont drink alcohol or smoke.


How can you see more of you?

Oh, I have solo scenes on my website. Go check out:

Are you as dominant in real life as you are in sex?

As well as in the real life , but it dependents on each situation.


What’s your favorite type of girl?

I have no special type, horniness is what matters the most.

How do you feel about having a Big Fat Dick?

Lol. I like it. I mean, my penis and I like it even more when the girls are playing with it


Although you’re straight, you have some dominant scenes with other guys…

Yes, that’s me as a dominant alpha male. I have male-slaves but no sex with men. I don’t care what others think. I do my stuff. People will or will not like it. It’s normal. So fuck off what other people think. At the end of the day, we are all in the same cage.

Can we expect more of those scenes to come out?

Yeah. More is coming!


What’s your day like?

I go to gym everyday, mostly I cook my food myself, I shoot my own movies or make movies for other productions.

Would you like to leave a special message?

I thank god for letting me live my life to the fullest, I am healthy and enjoy my life. I have big plans and will definitely pursue my goal – even if it not always easy, I will fight for the best in my life.



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