Logan Pierce: “My First Love Is Film, In Almost Every Capacity”

Author of two books, mainstream actor on City Of Ticks (Rob Himebaugh) released in 2018 and a successful porn star. Who is Logan Pierce? We asked that question to him directly in this exclusive interview. Enjoy the beauty of this real talented soul we have in the industry.

‘Who is Logan’ is a question made in your Twitter @ and in your personal website. Could you answer that question yourself?

I’d say Logan is a fun-sized Italian meatball from the Philadelphia suburbs who possesses a massive appetite for sex, debauchery, and doom.

Is there a line between the real Logan and the male performer?

Logan is a stage name, so yes, there is definitely a line between the male performer and the everyday man. But that isn’t to say that Logan is a mere fabrication; he is an extension of myself. I try to be as truthful as I can on camera, so very rarely will I fake anything or act (outside of the cheesy dialogue, of course).

How do you think Social Media changed porn?

I am a product of the Internet. I matured when membership sites were the standard, right before the tube site tipping point. I was familiar with James Deen by the time I was seventeen; he was actually the first performer I had ever tried contacting.

Tried contacting?

Yes. He and I shared literally two words with each other, but our interaction was only made possible due to things like Myspace and Twitter, so I respect the platforms. Currently I operate a ‘WhoisLogan’ Twitter and Instagram, which I try, at the very least, to update weekly.


How Logan Pierce was born?

I was spit-balling names with my then girlfriend when “Logan Pierce” sort of just appeared. To my knowledge there weren’t any other male performers with the first name Logan, and Pierce was a playful and emphatic double entendre. I mulled it over, and after a couple weeks I decided I still liked the way it felt rolling off the tongue, so I kept it.

You have this baby face, but, unlike other male performers, producers allow you to keep your beard on. How do you like it and why do you think you are able to keep it in most of your scenes?

It wasn’t so much the producers “allowing” me to keep the beard as much as it was me letting producers know that I would be maintaining a beard for a couple months due to a role I was playing in a short film. Most producers don’t seem to mind, and the girls seem to especially enjoy it.

What is an average day in your life like?

Average day activities include: grinding fresh cups of coffee, reading a few chapters of whatever book I’m reading (currently And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie) and writing – either in my journal or any other creative projects (I currently have a couple screenplays and a novel I’m working on).

Logan is currently reading Reasons To Live (Amy Hempel) and Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen).


We know you have a special passion for food and music too…

Yes, I have been pedaling my fixie around the city, sampling the amazing food and drinks LA has to offer (current favorite: Squid Ink Bucatini and Mezcal cocktails at Little Doms in Los Feliz). My music tastes vary across the board, I tend to listen to a lot of film scores (recently ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’) and I’ve been having a love affair with the soundtrack to ‘La La Land’—see my Instagram for further proof.

Did your passion for arts in general make you left Philly to pursue your dreams in California?

I’ve been an actor and filmmaker all my life. Los Angeles was kind of a no-brainer. While I did passively pursue porn before I traveled west, I originally came to LA to finish college and intern for a semester. Simultaneously, through a short series of emails, I was able to schedule my first porn scene for my second day in town. Work picked up, school ended, and the rest is history.

What is this flirtation with art like? I mean, where does your energy go to?

I mean, my first love is film, in almost every capacity; I’ve been acting and writing since I was a kid. I used to play drums in a metal-core band when I was a teenager, so drums are another instrument I love to play. I really enjoy hiking, and thankfully LA offers some incredible trails–I’m looking at you Malibu Creek.


You went mainstream and played a role in the movie City of Ticks. How was it?

City of ticks is an adventure/horror film about two archeologists who travel to Guatemala as part of a shadow expedition to ground, truth, and find the mythical lost city of Ka Pech—the rumored epicenter of the Mayan empire before its imminent collapse, unwittingly unlocking an ancient curse in their wake…

What is your role in that movie?

I play Bob Mathieson, one of the aforementioned archeologists. Bob was previously blacklisted for selling discovered artifacts on the black market, but now he is eager to clear his name and reinstate himself.

City Of Ticks is a 30 minutes movie released in April, 2018. It is available here.

What are your other plans?

Besides investing my time in more worthwhile and fulfilling acting projects, I hope to close the deal with my first book’s publication in 2017.

Logan did publish not only hist first but also his second book after this interview was done. Between The Sheets and The Change Of The Seasons are huge successes among fans and people who enjoy stories and poems. You can order the books online at http://www.whoislogan.com


Follow him at @WhoIsLogan

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