Marc Rose: “I Got Here For The Love Of The Pussy”

We consider Marc Rose the sexiest male performer in the adult industry. Not only because of his fit, built 6 feet 2 inches body, but also because his British accent, voice, bearded and style.

Although Marc often doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, Inside Porn believes it’s just a matter of time until he reaches the top.

Our first interview with him was published back in 2016, when he was 39, married for over 16 years and living his life to the fullest.

At that time, he guaranteed us that he has never actually measured his penis, but who cares about size when you’re dealing with the sexiest man in porn?

There are so many performers today. How do you think you survived a decade in this business?

I got here with putting in reliable performances, and for the love of the pussy. I feel very grateful for being me. For life in general and all that goes with it.

What was your first time in porn like?

The first time I took my clothes off in front of camera was for a company here in the UK called Killergram. I was aged 30. It was really good fun. It was a 3 guy 1 girl scenario. I did an ok job so I was called back a few weeks later to shoot again.

You have a perfect body. How do you maintain it?

I workout out every other day in the winter doing high intensity weight training. In the summer I workout the same but add swimming and cycling to my routine.

Our opinion is that you are the sexiest performer in this business…

I leave that down to others to think of me in that way. I just do my job and if people think that’s sexy then that’s all good to me.


Would you do more professional solo scenes if you had the chance?

I do have solo content out there but it’s on my Adultwork page and Onlyfans page which are linked on my Twitter page. But yes, I would do more if I was approached.

What is your relationship with you cock like?

My relationship with my cock is simple. If it likes what it sees, it goes up.

Do you get compliments because of your cock?

Well thank you that you think my cock is beautiful. But I don’t believe I do have a big cock. Danny D is what I class as a massive cock.


Do you think male performers get more attention today than back when you started?

Well, I’m still hoping for more, I have not had my 15 minutes yet as I see it. Maybe when I have a reverse gang bang I may be able to say that. But I certainly get more attention than I did when I first started in porn. I can’t be sure of the reason why this is.

Is your private sex life any different than what we see in the videos?

My real sex life is very much the same, I like to be in control and be the dominant one. I don’t like to be dominated. I also like to fuck hard and also in a sensual way but it depends on how I’m feeling at the time.

What is your favorite position?

My favorite position of all time is doggy. There is nothing better than seeing that sexy pussy and arse bent over in front of you. I love watching the American girls getting fucked. I especially like Tushy style of porn.


Have you ever fucked a Brazilian girl before?

I actually don’t think I ever have fucked a Brazilian girl before. That’s a real shame though. I’ve certainly never dated one.

Is there any project you’ve been spending your time on?

There’s no other projects I have on the go or have planned at the moment. Porn is pretty much all I do at the minute. I have a special interest in watching my beloved Arsenal football club. My plans are just to enjoy my job, enjoy life, be happy, and stay healthy. And fuck as much pussy as I possibly can. Hopefully in the United States.

Follow him on Twitter at @Marcrosexxx and make sure to sign up for his Onlyfans for loads more filth at

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