Vince Carter: “Porn Is Way More Than Just A Scene”

So let’s get it started. Tell us a little bit about you.

I am Vince Carter, an adult performer based in Paris, sex lover, and very passionate for this job. Porn is a serious subject for me, I’m addicted to girls. I’m 33, was born in Paris, I’m single, 75kg 183cm and as for the size of my cock, I don’t now. I need to check it today on scene. I’d say 19cm… Maybe.


How did you get into porn?

I started 7 years ago. I always knew I wanted to make some porn movies. I’d say…. since I was 16 years something inside me would say, “hey, you need to give it a try”. It was very hard for me to find someone to go and say, “help me with my dream”, but I eventually found that person. That was when I met Charlotte de Castille. I explained my project to her and she decided to help me.


How did she help you?

Well, she brought me into this party, on stage, during a scene and introduced me to some of real directors in Paris. After a few months I started shooting my first scenes. And some weeks later, I had worked for all Parisian productions.

Do you have any role model? We have some kings of porn in France, you know, Manuel Ferrara, Ian Scott…

That’s true. In France my first role model it was Ian Scott. I remember when I first met him, I was so impressed. After we became friends I realized he is actually a nice and clever guy, not to mention his legacy in porn. I’d also have to mention Mike Angelo. He is very good at what he does and for sure Manu (Ferrara). Outside of France, I can’t forget to mention Nacho Vidal. I like his style. He is so intense and that, somehow, kind of inspires me.


Are you that intense too?

I’d say yes. I am a real dominant male performer and I love it. In private life, I tend to be more intense because, you know, not many productions give the possibility to make very violent sex movies. But I am just like that in real life too.

What do you do in your life every day? What are your hobbies?

My hobbies first climbing, techno party, being around with friends, meditation, family, Krav Maga, Paris…

So you are a Paris lover? I also love Paris

Yes. I love my city; it’s a crazy outdoors museum. When I cross the city all the day I realize, fuck that, I’m such a lucky person to live here.


Do people recognize you from time to time?

Not often, however, when I was with my ex girlfriend Anna Polina sometimes people would recognize us. But not very often these days. In my group of friend all the new friend know me before they meet me because my friends explain “I have a porn actor friend”. It’s funny.

So people are interested in you even before they meet you. Interesting

That’s right. Porn is interesting so everyone want to talk about it.


Do they ask for advice? Tell me some stories

Guys usually don’t ask me things like that. I think sex is so personal for many people, they just pretend to be like “I’m the best and I don’t need your advice”. However, when it comes to the girls, they are more interesting to hear stories, especially when you speak serious about it.

What kind of stories girls like to hear from you?

Well. Some girlfriends usually ask me about skirting. If every girl is capable of doing it.


What is your answer?

My answer is yes. Plus, I try to teach them.

You are passionate about sex, aren’t you?

Sure, sir. I really love to talk about sex. It’s a subject that I love and not many people have the guts to talk about it in a serious way.


So after all porn is way more than just a scene for you?

Absolutely. We need to discuss, talk, and think before we take our clothes off and even before they turn the cameras on.

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