Kyle Mason: “I Have A Strong Drive To Rise To The Top”

Raised in Minnesota, but living in Northern California for the past few years, Kyle Mason is one of the best things to have ever happened to straight porn. He’s in his early 30s, has a beautiful face and body 6’1” and 185 lbs (plus a 9 3/h inches cock!) and a great energy to get things done. Inside Porn is one of the first media to interview the stud.

How did you get into porn? (Cliché question, but tell us the story behind your debut)

I was bitten by an experimental, radioactive porn star and from that point on I had a choice to live the selfless, thankless life of a hero or just fuck a lot on camera for money, other than that it’s fairly bland.

Do you have a role mole in this business?

Actually, I wouldn’t say I have a role model in the adult industry. Watching porn I have not really felt the male talents were relatable to me. This is probably one of many reasons why I didn’t take the possibility of being in porn seriously at all until just recently. Since entering the industry I have made many friends but I wouldn’t really say ‘role model’.

What is the secret to last in an industry that can be very challenging for most of people?

I am convinced the way to have success in this industry is to come at it from a business mindset and an intellectual mindset. This industry poses a lot of physical and mental challenges that I, at least, didn’t foresee.


How so? Give us an example.

I like to think I am adapting though because I take the time to research, study and learn. That and a very professional attitude towards it all. In a way every shoot we go to is like a job interview. The impressions that you leave with the crew each time you go are going to be in their mind next time they are thinking of who to book. It’s our job to make it seem like a really easy and laid-back way to party and make some fast money, when you are watching the videos. Really thought, it’s a hustle. I swear it is way more fun than that answer made it sound though.

What is a perfect “behind the scenes” atmosphere for you?

Sometimes the chemistry is just really strong with the gal. That makes for an awesome day. The sex or the play that happens between takes is fun in a different way since we don’t have to be concerned about being open to the camera or staying in character if there are characters. That’s the obvious answer I suppose but there are many good things about having a scene partner and a crew you hit it off with. We will get an outline of a script and will have fun fleshing out exactly how we are going to make it play out. Sometimes we can improvise a little or play off each other.

Would you cross to the other side of porn?

There is no chance of me crossing over to gay porn, I am completely straight and not willing to do that now or in the future.

You are very dominant when it comes to sex, one of the best to show up in years. Are you that dominant in any other aspects of your life?

First of all, thank you for saying so! The best parallel I can draw there is that for the things I really care about, I have a strong drive to rise to the top. When that is combined with a lot of confidence in my skills and resourcefulness you get a take-charge sort of personality. I recently started pursuing another major and threw myself into the class work and am one of the top in my classes. However, for situations that I do not take as seriously, I can be very much the opposite and just go along with what others are driving.


Tell us about your body. How much do you dedicate yourself to this?

Exercising is the easy part of that for me. I am to the point with my fascination with resistance training that the hardest part is making myself take the appropriate rest days from lifting. I have a background in this, I studied bio-mechanics and, in the past, trained clients in body balancing/ therapeutic exercise/ movement pattern correcting, fitness programs. When I make my own food, which is most of the time I eat, it is very healthy, clean and balanced. I do have my vices though. From living in wine country for years, I became a bit of a foodie. I happily indulge in fine tasting-menus, meals, wine and craft cocktails/beer.

Can you tell us what is Kyle Mason like in real life?

I can be a bit capricious. There still are plenty of things about me that are stable but I am also likely to get into new friend circles or interests on a whim. I am a romantic, which can be challenging in the industry but also not without its rewards. Courteous and sympathetic to a fault- chivalry is not dead.

What’s your goal in this industry?

For now I am thinking that I am going to spend the next four years or so shooting as often as I can while I amass a good amount of capital with which to build my business empire. These business ventures are not related to the adult industry but my not completely prevent me from shooting. I will be figuring that out as the time comes.


What do you do other than porn?

There is nothing too serious that I am working on at this point, I am frequently studying a variety of subjects, often independently. Mostly it is knowledge that will be helpful for when I return to my non-adult business endeavors.

Describe your cock and let us know how you feel about having a big massive one.
LOL, It is very gratifying to get a good reaction from a gal when she sees it initially (sometime those cheesy expressions of surprise and thrill in the movies are very authentic). I’m sure it contributes to my confidence in sex as well.

What do you do in your spare time?

Besides studying and lifting I have a few hobbies I do regularly. I am frequently cycling. I also do ballroom dance, everything from salsa, bachata, swing, chacha to waltz and tango. Many others as well. I just do it socially now but I used to teach and compete professionally. I got my amateur competition status reinstated so maybe soon I’ll start looking around for a partner to compete with.


What would you like to do in the bizz that you haven’t done yet?

I don’t really have a good answer for that. I am in a really great place in the business right now and I just want to keep up how it is going. I guess just keep meeting new directors and networking within the industry.

Do you feel that the industry has been very receptive towards you?

Overall I would say yes, it has generally been receptive. It was very slow to start but that seems like the process for any unproven male talent. I get along very well with most people I meet and have worked very hard which seems to have led to great interactions with so many different people throughout the industry.

Follow him on Twitter at: @KyleMasonXXX

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