Bo Sinn: “I Do What I Gotta Do”

Born in Quebec City, 33 year-old Bo Sinn has a lot to say about life in porn. He went from an amateur to one of the most famous male performers in less than two years.

His sky rocking career has its ups and downs, like anything else in life, but the best for Bo is yet to come.

Canadian super star has an incredibly built body, full of tattoos – something around USD 10.000 of ink in form of art around his 5’11”, 190 pounds muscular body (plus, he’s 10,3 inches).

Inside Porn interviewed Bo Sinn today for the second time since his debut in the adult scene.

How did you go from an amateur performer from Quebec to this international legend you are today?

Just one day I got a message from John Johnson, you know, the guy from and we started talking. He wanted to work with me. And at that time I wasn’t shooting much so I saw that as an opportunity to work in the United States and since I always wanted to work for real productions, I jumped into it.

That’s how you made it to the ‘major league’ of porn, as you defined it the first time we interviewed you?

I think the porn industry in Quebec is not as big and healthy as the one in the United States. And by that I mean quality of content, models and just the porn scene in general. So for me being here in Europe working for those production is just insane. I couldn’t have predicted that years ago.


What about the major leagues thing?

Oh, yes. Just so you know, major leagues isn’t so… major (laughs). Looks like everybody wants money, but nobody has money. Where does the fucking money come from? We “the models” make your business run, give us more money. That’s easy.

Editor’s note: As Bo answered this question, we could hear his girlfriend Silvia Dellai (@SilviaDellai1) singing behind him ‘money money money’

What do you mean exactly?

In the end it’s all the same whether it is a small production like back home or big game players. They all have big dollars in bank but don’t want to pay. They all want to keep their little piece of richness. We “the models” are the reason they make so much money, yet when it comes down to getting paid well, it’s a different thing… pay as less as possible.

That’s why investing on your own production and content is kind of crucial for you now, right?

Yes, that’s why I got myself a new Canon cam and I am working on my new plans with Silvia Dellai as my new girlfriend. My own production is long-term money. What I need is, money. And I need it right now.


But before getting to this point, you made a bold move by crossing over to gay porn. What was that like?

Well, I didn’t start my career doing gay porn so for me this move is based on money. I know people might hate this but I do it for the money. Gay for pay, they say. Whatever they think about it all my scenes are amazing so what’s more important? Knowing the dude does it for the money or who cares if he does it for the money look at the result of the scene? So what was that like? Fun.

Are you still open for gay porn though?

I’m still open for gay porn but not sure about the way things are going. You know, my first contract with Bromo is over. I have been asked to sign a new one with them, but nothing has changed since the last one. I don’t get more money, I don’t get travel budget, and I don’t get anything new. So I don’t know if I should sign it or not.

We don’t want to lose you in the gay scene…

I am not saying I am going out of gay business. What I am saying is, I have the contract with me now and I will think about my options before signing for exclusivity.

You recently got in an argument with another male performer on Twitter regarding crossover stars. What happened exactly?

This one fucking male performer had a food monthly budget from the company we worked for. One time I was in the studio, he was not there so there was food in the freezer. I ate the food. He decided to be a little bitch about it, so that’s how it all started about food being… eaten. And after that, I guess… jealousy? You know, when people have success around you, people get jealous, people want fuck it up because they are not being just as successful, I don’t know. That situation specifically was just personal. Not with me, but personal with him, with his own self confidence.


What’s your take on that (on being a crossover performer yourself)?

Ok. I don’t want to think about this. I do what I do and try to stay far from all the drama.

Assuming that crossing over is indeed a big drama in the industry, how can you balance the two faces of your career?

How can I balance? The way I handle everything in my life. I don’t care about people. I don’t care about what they think. I do what I got to do. And then if you’re not happy, well, go fuck yourself. (Laughs). That’s pretty much my way of going through everything in life, so I do the same with porn. If you don’t support, fuck you, I don’t care.


While this contract is on hold, you’re still working on straight scenes a lot in Europe. What’s up on that?

Yes. Since Proxy Paige left Legalporno, production hasn’t been calling me really much, even though people are asking about me on their webpage to come back to work for them. I felt good working for Legal. What’s new is, since Proxy left Legal, she got a good hook up with Evil Angel. I will be her main male performer for the next year so I plan to be shooting a lot for Evil. Proxy and me have a very nice friendship and our ideas work very well together.

What are your plans for now?

I moved to Europe so I am staying here for three months, going back to Canada for a month or two and come back to Europe. So right now my plan is to move forward. I am currently dating Silvia Dellai and we are kinda starting our own plans. And yes, I gotta start shooting my own content. As for Bromo, I still have demands and would like things to change.


What we can expect from your own content production?

Dude, I will be shooting straight, will be shooting gay, will be shooting bi scenes for my own content. My rules, my mind, my world, yes. What else you wanna know buddy?

When we first talked, you said that one of your goals in this industry was to have a replica of your dick sold so that people could actually enjoy it at home. I know you’ve accomplished that goal, right?

Yes, it’s amazing and I think it would sell like crazy. I did four clones of my dick which I sold for USD 500 on Twitter each, which is fucking insane. My guy from Bromo kinda found a deal or something with a toy production or a company that wanted to clone my dick, but so far no news about that, so I don’t know. But you know what, if any fan reading this want to have a clone of my dick, send me a message and I’ll fucking come up with one and send it to them.


How much do you dedicate yourself to your body? It’s fucking built.

Thanks. Eating well (laughs). I don’t care that much about eating healthy or not, I just eat a lot. I work a lot on myself as much as on my body and mind.

Do you practice any sport or just gym?

I use to be pro-snowboarder. But now I just bike around and keep active. I’m always on the move with my three dogs too. And this year, I also focused on fighting. My second fight is in two months from now and will be pretty much every three months if I don’t get injured.


What do you think porn industry values the most: a guy with a big cock or a beautiful face?

I think it’s more than that. You can have a big dick and be a total jerk. So attitude and vibe are important. But on set the only thing you need is to stay hard and you need to cum when it’s time.

At the same time, we can’t deny the fact that your cock is impressive. That might be a plus for producers, since most of men got circumcised dicks and are not even close to your size.

Yeah, I know the cock size is there. I’d say it’s a family thing (laughs). And with that size you get work whereas normal size dick guys don’t get.

Right on! That’s my point. But there’s always a great performance involved.

I just do that I do and if it’s hot and people like it, then great. I am a scorpion so I like to be on control.

Follow him on Twitter: @BoSinnXXX

3 comentários em “Bo Sinn: “I Do What I Gotta Do”

  1. I’ve seen so many guys say that they’re going to start their own independent content and production company and I’ve seen almost all fail. I hope that isn’t the case for Bo Sinn–I’ve lusted after him for too long to have his career go by the wayside.I would definitely like to see more gay porn from him but, come on, Bromo sucks. As a gay-for-pay alpha top, I’m sure it’s great, but it’s never been my personal preference.
    Also, I would love a replica of his dick. Guess I’ll have to drop him a line…


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