Ryan Driller: “My Actions And My Personality Speak Volumes To Who I Am”

Ryan Driller is indeed one of the biggest adult performers in the business today. He has a down-to-earth, friendly and humble personality and maybe those characteristics explain why he keeps getting work in such a competitive industry – It may also have to do with those eyes, smile and a great performance, of course. Back in 2016, Ryan was awarded XBIZ Male Performer title and I had the chance to interview him.

Back when you started, did you think you would last this long or things happened… naturally?

Ha! Well, I’d say about 1/5 of that is true. I love to fuck. Back when I was getting started, I was thinking, “I’ve been told a few times now that I should be in porn. I’ve always thought that being in porn would be awesome. I love fucking. Let’s do this!”. I was young, but I had also recently retired. I didn’t think I was bad looking. I actually didn’t think that I had a big dick at all; just average. I loved sex. I had my fair share of it, that was for sure. I also lived a simple life and never really worried about money, or making the most that I could. I just only pursue my passions.

Are you proud of the way things are going?

I couldn’t be more proud of how things are going. Every week I have an opportunity to do what I love and share that with everyone. I get to work with amazing people and work on projects that are more and more fun and challenging every time. I love it.

Do you still remember the first time you showed up to set?

I do remember the first time I showed up to set (it wasn’t a “studio” but a rented house location). I remember being incredibly nervous for everything. I didn’t know who the woman was that I was going to be shooting with. I didn’t know if I’d be any good on camera, enough that people would want to watch it. But, it went smoothly and was fun and great. There was a lot of pressure, that’s for sure; but I just let my scene partner and I just have fun, and made sure to listen in the director was yelling about anything. Then, they called me back for more after that, so I guess I did something right.


Who is your role model in this industry?

I can’t deny that before I got into the industry, I didn’t know any names, other than the ones that made mainstream headlines for something: John Holmes, Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy. Now, I may have known those names audibly, but I couldn’t have identified them out of a lineup of two. But, I did watch a bit of porn, so I just aimed to be what I thought people would want to see; so knowing that I aimed for showing the girl as much as I could and to just do my thing and have fun with it all.

You were 25 when you started. After all these years, do you still feel like you have to prove your spot in the industry?

Of course I do. Just because I have the reputation I have today doesn’t mean that anyone will remember that tomorrow. I know that there’s always a list of guys that are trying to get their shot out here and that the moment I don’t prove myself… that opens up the door for them to get their shot. Just like that, I could be forever replaced.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want them in the industry…?

Of course, I want the good guys to work and I’ll refer performers that can do the job. I keep my head low and myself responsible. I try to deliver the best scene that I can. I do this all so that I only have my actions and my personality speak volumes to who I am, and why I should be a good fit for anything I get booked for.

Speaking of which, what does it take to become a great male performer?

To become a male performer, you do have to have a libido that rivals rabbits. You have to have the endurance and stamina of an elite athlete. Your sense of modesty and shyness has to be non-existent. You have to know you want to do this. Then you have to swallow your pride and strip yourself down to knowing that you’re there to make the girl and the act look good. I joke that you have to accept that you’re a “glorified prop”, but you’re really so much more than that.


How come?

I mean, the way you connect with your girl(s), the way you present the fucking and yourself. Your ability to just listen to and take the direction has to be ok with you. Your behavior behind the camera matters just as much; you can’t be an irresponsible mess, or a creep, or unlikable. As a male performer, the entire scene and production is riding on you. You have to get along with everyone there and you have to be able to perform. The entire production is riding on you.

Having this major role and responsibility, what do you keep in mind? Is there a balance between “taking care of the girl you are having sex with and seeking your own pleasure?

Absolutely. You have to have that balance. Without that balance, you can tell that the chemistry just isn’t there. You’ll see that it’s so mechanical and so lackluster and virtually just a masturbation scene. You have to take care of the girl and make sure she feels good, feels sexy, is enjoying herself, and is presented so that you can see everything. But, to perform, you do have to enjoy it and seek that pleasure as well. Would you fuck a girl when you weren’t horny? That same feeling and behavior will show on film, too. Same with behind the scene, and production will talk, and find someone that does enjoy being there and wants to be there.

Do you think you are living your 15 minutes now? Why?

Of course I do. I’m in a limelight. I am capitalizing on my public popularity and image. I don’t know where I am on in my 15min, but I know that the clock will run out one day.


Have you ever felt the “bad side” of being famous, or at least, a known person?

I haven’t really had an experience where it would have been “bad” per se, but I can kind of see what you mean. With my fame deriving from porn, it’s a whole different beast, though. I’m not exactly the guy that you would run up to and ask for an autograph, so I’m not being accosted and violated of any personal privacy or time. But you could say that the downside that I experience is that no matter what I say or discuss, because I’m viewed by my fan base as a particular person, some of my words are lost or skewed to be porn or sex related, or not taken seriously. All good, it’s not that way in real life, just online. I know my place and I know what they’re looking for, so I act accordingly.

What’s an average day in the life of Ryan Driller like?

I’m relatively boring. I wake up and walk my dog, make breakfast, hit the gym and run errands, or head to set. I cook a lot at home, or venture out to discover all that LA has to offer culinary. I hike and socialize as much as I can, too. I do travel quite a bit, either for work, or for fun. It’s a whole big world and I want to check it out and learn all I can from it.

You played Superman, which is also your favorite hero. If they were casting a new parody, what character would you like to play?

Ooooh, that’s a challenging question. I think that I’d want to play Magneto or Iron Man, if we were still going with the comic parodies. Otherwise, I think that I’d want to play someone like Leonard and do Memento. If you know the story, then just imagine how much fun we could have doing that.


Is there a favorite (or at least remarkable) movie/scene you would like to mention? 

To be honest, I’ve loved just about all of my scenes. I can’t really choose a particular favorite. Same with the directors; they all great and so different, it’s like asking “do you like Lasagna or BBQ Ribs?” The great thing is, we all have a flow and a bit of fun on all of them.

Do you feel like male performers are more prepared now for everything a porn career comes along with or is today a totally different scenario comparing to the good ole days?

I mean, it is a totally different industry and situation than when I came in. But, I also came in after things changed from the “Good Ol’ Days”. I would like to think that everyone is pretty prepared for getting into the industry and knowing what all they’re getting into. But to be honest, I just really don’t think that’s the case. I did my research and I knew quite a bit about what all was going to come with the territory; but at the same time, there were things that I couldn’t fathom or be prepared for. I think that may be the case for just about everyone. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a part of it. I do what I can to prepare the new guys to make the best of it.

What has changed throughout the years and what is your opinion?

I think that the biggest change, for the guys, is that the guys matter a bit more now, more than they ever did before. The viewer is paying attention to the guys now a bit more than before as well. We have huge women followings. So, there’s an addition side to the industry that includes the guys having to be aesthetically appealing. There’s a pressure for the guys to be better actors and performers.


On and off screen, I bet…

There’s also the whole social media side of the industry, that kind of started when I came in. Trying to figure out what your voice is as a porn performer and your footprint in that world is, too. There are fine lines with that, because a lot of the guys don’t want to associate with the guys fucking the women of their dreams. There’s the part of saying too much and playing an online character that just turns off people. That’s some of the changes that I’ve seen.

Where do you currently live?

I live in Hollywood. There are some people that occasionally recognize me in public, but it’s far and few between. I think that most guys don’t want to admit that they recognize you, because that says they watch me naked, and that they’re usually naked at the same time. Every now and then I’ll see someone have a face that shows they recognize me, but then they shy away and hide. But, overall, it’s not too often I get called out.

You know, in porn… you take on a fake name…

Typically, we take on a stage name to protect our personal family and friends from being accosted by fans and haters. We expose a lot of ourselves and a lot of people take that as an invitation; so using a stage name gives us some private and slows some of the more intense fans from showing up at our doorsteps.


… and a fake persona and some people get in trouble.

True, many times, that stage name ends up taking on a persona and a character of its own, as that’s the character that many productions want in their films. In mainstream Hollywood, you would call this type casting (How Stifler from American Pie is always the same character in all of the movies he’s in). But the difference with us in the adult industry is that our stage name character is always at least a large part of our own personalities anyway. There’s really not too many that have a “fake persona”, as the persona is still ours or the script is calling specifically for us to portray a character as such. I don’t know what you mean by “some get in trouble”.

What do you do that pushes you back and says, ‘hey, this is the real Ryan, not the performer”?

It’s not that Ryan is not real, but essentially, Ryan is the character that you all know and follow because of the Ryan that you see and know.

What kind of porn you haven’t done yet, but you’d like to?

I really want to do a good exotic location shoot. Or I really want to do something that not only is sexy and porn, but also plays your psyche just as much, but on a whole new level than we’ve done before.

What’s the secret for a good scene in your opinion?

You have to have great chemistry for there to be a really good scene. So, I’ll find what makes my partner work, so that I can make her as comfortable, and sexy, and revved up as possible, so that it all comes out in the scene. To do all of that, you have to pay attention, too.

Follow him on Twitter at @RyanDriller

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