Max Deeds: “My Perfect Job Is To Be In Demand In Whatever I Do”

We spoke with one of the most handsome guys to hit the industry in years. Max Deeds is a 28 years-old stud from Newport, Wales and has a lot to offer other than porn. He shared with us his passion for the fashion industry and the plans to launch his own clothing brand (which he accomplished one year after this interview) and also a porn series he’s been working on to – Max revealed that he just finished writing part six and would love to get a producer on board to help it come into fruition.

Well, well, well… who’s this handsome guy with a sexy accent banging beautiful women on TV?

(Laughs). Thanks for the compliment. I’m Max Deeds. You can google it. I’m 28 years old, I’m pretty short, just 5,7” and on a good day if the wind is blowing in the right direction my cock size is just over 8”. My favorite after shave I use and have been using for the last five years is One Million Paco Rabanne, so this is what you guys will smell if you run into me.

You’re not a newbie anymore, right?

But I’m still one of the newest faces in the porn industry not only in the United Kingdom, but also in the world. I live in Wales in a city called Newport. I’d say this is an average size place about 170,000 people and as of yet I have not been recognized in the streets, but I have been in Birmingham and a few times in London no one has come up to me yet but I have always had a tweet afterwards saying they have seen me and were too nervous to say hi. But you know… anyone is welcome to come up to me and say and have a picture.

What was young Max Deeds like?

I grew up the youngest of four children – two girls and two boys. I was always a skinny boy and very short in school. I was above average with my classes, but had a special interest in science especially physics. Growing up I never had any interest from girls, as I always had the same line “I like you but just like a little brother”. But the time flies… I lost my virginity at the age of 18 – and obviously I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.


At 18? Isn’t it a little late for someone as sexual active as you are today?

Maybe. But when I reached 17 years old I started going to the gym and getting a little bit of definition and thankfully grew in height a little which in turn got me more attention from the girls. My gym routine has changed recently. I go five days a week from Monday to Friday and have the weekend off. I wish I could eat healthy as I would be in so much better shape than I am now, you know? One thing I’m lucky with is that I have never done a sit-up in my life.

Have you ever considered doing gay porn?

I have been asked many times to escorts gay and straight and this business for me isn’t about the money but the pride in my work and escorting doesn’t come into that. I am currently single and not actively looking but I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to love and will always be on the look out.

Tell us about your cock. We’re curious about it.

I wouldn’t say I’m massive, however I’m sure I’m above average, but in the world of porn I would say I’m average in real life it does get you more attention and when girls say size doesn’t matter they’re lying. Every girl I have met or slept with or had any kind of sexual contact with has always said bigger the better but just not too big (laughs). From my experience, girls prefer width more than length. Sex is very important to me. In my personal life, sex is totally different than on set. I am more passionate and close. I like to have a good connection with that person. It’s more than just a fuck. My job takes care of that side of me.

Your beard is also something impressive.

You know, I have been asked on three occasions to shave my beard off as they were looking for a younger looking guy other than that I think my beard is part of my look and it suits me so much more. It’s not a fashion thing I feel more comfortable with it than without.


What are your interests other than porn?

In my teenage years I started my interest in car, especially Volkswagens. I love how people can modify a car that’s not meant to be fast do 0-60 in under 5 seconds and beat a car that worth 10 times the price. For two years before I done porn I was a model. I have shot for many clothing brands and commercial shoots of luxury apartments and still model now but not so much fashion anymore which is something I would like to get back into as I have somewhat of a  passion for fashion.

You could easily become a model, I mean, professionally, because you got the looks and everything.

Many years on I had a friend who modeled and she asked me to do a photo shoot with her because she needed some boy/girl shot for her portfolio. Of course I agreed. What guy would pass up a chance to have a photo shoot with a topless model? And that’s where my two years of modeling started. Since then I have shot for many professional photographers private and commercial underwear to baby brands posing as a father.

So porn came up just after that experience? How Max Deeds was born?

My porn career started when I had a friend on social media ask me if I was ever interested in porn and she knew a porn star and put me in touch. I got invited for a test shoot. One thing I will never forget was my train fair to this test shoot was going to cost £79 and this was literally all the money I had left to my name and I took the chance and it paid off. When I was at this shoot they asked if I had a porn name. I couldn’t think of anything except in one of my photo shoot I was told I looked like Russell Crowe in the Gladiator Maximus Decimus and that’s where Max Deeds came from. At the moment I am not currently filming anything special, but I have just finished writing my own six part porn series and would love to get a producer on board to help it come into fruition.


And here you are…

As I said, time flies. I have been in the adult industry for over two years so far I have not won an award, but I have been in a production that has won but not myself personally. I haven’t even been nominated for an award yet and would love to win, but I know that there are so many great guys out there and I’m still thinking I’m learning every time I shoot.

Editor’s note: Max won PRP Male Performer of the Year in 2018. 

Are you proud of the way things are going though?

I’m proud of my work regardless. Trying to choose my favorite film I have done so far is really difficult. I can narrow it down to two companies – first one would be for Joybear with Sienna Day titled The Invitation and the second I’d have to say for a company called Daring filmed by KG Disanto and that was with Julia de Lucia titled The Girlfriend Material.

What are your plans?

My plans for the future I guess are to just carry on working hard and taking my career seriously. I don’t do this job for the sex, I take pride in every one of my scenes and roles even though I have been doing this for over two years now I am still one of the newest faces in the UK and I’ve recognized that I get type cast to certain roles more of the soft sexual passionate side of porn which I think takes a lot more acting and control.

tumblr_nn4tl7Wsfo1sl02wwo6_1280 (1)

What about the fashion industry?

I haven’t really got any plans of such for my future in this industry but my main goal in anything that I do is to be in demand. When you are in demand that shows you are doing something right and that you are at the top of your game. Eventually, I’d like to get into acting of some sort I think that would be my next step after I’ve accomplished all I can in this industry.

Editor’s note: Max did launch his own brand called Deeds Apparel right after this interview was done in 2016

Do you think male performers are treated the way they should be?

I mean, as for the money if you class it as an hourly rate then it’s good but I think the pay divide between male and female performers is extremely not fair. Some cases I have seen the female performer get paid almost double what the male was getting paid for the exact same scene  80% of the time the male performer does all the work and with the added pressure of being able to get hard on cue. A female performer can pretend to be turned on a male can’t I understand why the female performer is paid more it’s all about demand for example say 90% of people that log onto a porn site will search a girl’s name not a guy’s and that demand comes across to how much were are being paid.

What’s your take on condoms in the business?

I have shot for a couple companies where I had to wear condoms – one was American, the other French. It does make the male performers job harder but I understand that is their rules and regulations and I’m happy with that in the UK we do not shoot with condoms obviously everyone is tested every four weeks or under and the UK industry is such a close knit community literally everyone knows everyone else and has shot with each other on multiple occasions, so if anything arises it can be traced back and dealt with as quick as possible. All my time in this industry I have never contracted any STIS.


What is your favorite type of porn?

My favorite type of scene has to be the high end high budget that has a lot of story line and a lot of acting. I enjoy these scenes so much because acting is something I would like to get into at some point. My favorite sex position depends on the situation if it’s for a film I would have to say doggy as it’s the easiest to shoot where the camera can see all the action and looks the best but in personal life I’d say missionary because I love to look into the eyes of the person and get a real connection with them. My favorite type of girls in this industry seems to be Spanish, they are so passionate and open and always smiling case in point Julia de Lucia.

What is your average day like?

The average day of Max Deeds is not that exciting to be honest, but it does change from day to day when I’m not working. I try to wake up early. I hate to waist a day in bed. First things first black coffee, no sugar. I check all my social media, reply to messages and emails, meet a few friends for food or shopping as you know fashion is a big part in my life, I hit on the gym later and again maybe meet a friend for more food or a film.

What are your hobbies?

I have many hobbies that keep me busy when I’m not working. I read mostly autobiographies and if I do watch TV I make sure it’s factual so at least I’m learning something. I love to learn new things. I’m learning French now. I can horse ride and have taught myself to play the piano. I’ll always keep trying to improve myself intellectually or skills. I love this about me.


Do the fans send you gifts and love letters?

I have been bought a few gifts by fans and everyone I appreciate so much for someone whose doesn’t know me buys me a gift and says it’s because they appreciate my work I take it as a huge honor. The most expensive gift I have been bought would be a £400 Armani watch.

Would you like to leave a message?

So, I think this is it. I’d like to keep going and improving myself in many ways and I hope I can do much more maybe get that series just wrote on the go and not just porn. I want to start my own clothing line and also go more into acting. I have always said my perfect job isn’t an actual job, it is to be in demand in whatever I do this mean I have achieved to be the best I could be in that situation. One quote I made and I live by every day is that life is too short for no’s and maybe’s. Just say yes and go for it. If it doesn’t work out use that as a lesson, learn from it and keep going.

Follow him on Twitter at: @Max_Deeds

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