Alex Legend: “I’m Trying to Use This Weapon With the Best of My Abilities”

You see different faces everyday in porn, but most of them are forgettable. That’s not the case of Alex Legend, a 33 years-old adult performer from France, who moved to Los Angeles about 10 years ago to pursue his dreams in the music industry.

Some can say it sound a bit arrogant from his part, but the stage name ‘Legend’ is because Alex wanted to find something both catchy and useful so that he could use it as a musician too – or at least a name that wouldn’t sound too porn cliche.

But before he makes it to the hall of fame either in porn or in the music industry, I got the chance to talk with him about his debut in porn, his love for music and what it’s like to be a porn star. “I can still hit the gym and go get my groceries just like anyone else”, he says.

Alex Legend is 6’1″, 200 lbs with 7 inches “curved and pretty thick cock”, as he describes himself with a charming French accent.

I know you got the looks and size, but why porn?

I’ve always loved porn even before joining it so I think it was always in the back of my mind. However, I’ve never been that much of proactive about it until the opportunity showed up itself. That was when I met Penny and I just decided to go for it.

You mean fellow porn actress Penny Pax?

Yes. I met Penny Pax in May 2014, I was 32 and she’s the one who got me in. After we hooked up the first time, the sex was quite amazing between us and she said I was made for that industry and that was it! She introduced me to her agent, Mark Spiegler who is one of the most knowledgeable and honest person in the industry so I was really lucky in the way I was introduced to this business.

Editor’s note: Alex and Penny have been together for close to two years now and they live together with their two dogs.


How important is sex for you? 

Sex is very important for me. I love to have sex a lot in my personal life and I only do on camera what I really enjoy so what you see in the videos is what I also do in my personal life.

Is it true that you came up with the name Alex Legend after watching a movie?

Alex is my real first name so that was the easy part. As for Legend I wanted to find something catchy and also something that I could use as a musician or at least something that wouldn’t sound too porn cliche. I was going through some movies I had on my computer to see if I could find something and I came across this I am Legend (Francis Lawrence, 2007), definitely not my favorite movie of all time but I thought it was catchy and I really liked the ring of it. And since I always have high expectations for myself, it’s a constant reminder to never settle for anything but the best in my scenes.

How did your family back home react when they knew you became a porn actor?

Most of the people either from back in France or in the US weren’t too surprised. Go figure.


When and how did you realize you had what it takes to be in porn, if you know what I mean?

(Laughs) I’ve heard from pretty much any girlfriend I’ve been with that I had a solid dick, sometimes almost too thick actually, but joining the industry is the best thing I’ve done and I get complimented about my dick pretty often. Just trying to use this weapon with the best of my ability.

I know you love music. What is there to talk about music in your life?

I really love music, it has always been an important part of my life, been playing guitar for 20 years and mixing and producing for 15 years, that’s actually why I moved to the US at the age of 24 to attempt a famous music school in Hollywood. So if it wasn’t for music I wouldn’t be here.

Did you try or are you trying something up at the music industry? I mean, you live in Hollywood, where dreams do come true, right?

I played in a bunch of bands and did some touring but now I’m focusing on my own project. I’m currently piecing that all together now and you can be sure that you’ll hear some news about it soon and be able to listen to some of my musics.

Speaking of which, do people recognize you in the streets of Los Angeles?

(Laughs) Fortunately not, I can still hit the gym and go get my groceries just like anyone else.

I feel like the fans want to see more of you, Alex…

Basically as performers people don’t have much to say about the scenes they’ve booked for or who they’ve paired with so when fans really want someone working for a company or another talent the best way to do it is just to ask directly to the people making those decisions and those are the directors and companies. If a few people keep requesting things companies will respond and try to make it happen. Everybody is always trying to figure out what the fans wanna see so when the fans talk those people listen.

Editor’s note: Alex has been doing a great job lately when it comes to self content. He has one of the best profiles on OnlyVids, where you can sign up for U$ 9.99 a month and get free access to pictures and solo videos. 


Are you currently filming something special?

I’m always shooting for my website, trying to always bring fresh and diverse content for my fans so to answer the question yes, I think of every scene I shoot as a special scene and I always try to be on top of my game or else what’s the point of doing it? Also, I’ve been filming for a few different companies including Hustler, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Reality Kings, Bang Bros,, Dogfart, Team Skeet,, … and probably a bunch that I can’t remember right now. My website features me having a lot of fun in a lot of different scenes with the hottest girls of the industry so go check it out!

Have you or would you escort?

I haven’t and I don’t think I will. To each their own.

Would you do a gay scene? 

I always make a point of doing what I enjoy and I’m a straight guy, don’t get me wrong I have a lot of gay fans and I’m tweeting with them a lot. I think it’s a great thanks to porn that people can live their fantasy through it. So for me if whoever is watching my videos is having fun I achieved what I was trying to do which is sharing how fun it was to be performing in that scene, regardless if it’s a guy, a girl, straight, bi or gay or even an alien. (Laughs) Because I’m pretty sure aliens watch porn too.


You know, since for me the best porn is done when people enjoy themselves I wouldn’t feel good about stealing some of my fellow gay performers work by shooting a gay scene knowing they would do a much better performance than me doing that. But for all my fans I have something they will enjoy soon on my site that should take care of of the “different scene” thing you’re talking about but that’s all I can say right now.

Alex Legend Selfie 8

This is something a fan of you asked me to ask you: can you keep your beard on during scenes or producers sometimes prefer when you shave?

(Laughs) Unfortunately I’m always asked by my agent and companies to shave. I’m personally more a fan of a stubble or occasionally a bigger beard but then again that’s something fans need to share with companies and maybe it will help performers having a little freedom with their facial hairs.

What can your fans expect from you this year?

Well… I don’t plan on slowing down so expect a lot more new scenes, definitely some music and hopefully some travelling which would include some shooting in some exotic locations. Also, I’d like to thank all my fans for their support, you’re the one making all this awesome journey possible and that’s why I always try to answer everybody on social medias.

If you don’t follow Alex yet, here’s your path to pleasure

Twitter: @AlexLegendxXx
IG: @TheRealAlexLegend
Snapchat: @AlexLegendxXx
Onlyfans: @AlexLegendXXX

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