X Miller: “My Mom Paid School And I Became A Porn Star”

21-year-old Xavier Miller was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Newbie in porn, he has been performing in adult movies since early 2018. His goal is to become a director. Inside Porn interviewed the stud.

Just tell me your stage name as you want it to appear, age, height, weight, dick size, the city you were born, etc

Xavier Miller is my stage name. I go by X. I am 21 years old. I am 5”7. My weight is 150. My dick is up for question. I have never measured and don’t plan on it. I want it to be kept a mystery. I was born and raised in Louisville, KY.

How did you end up in porn?

I was working in construction when I was 18 and one of the guys that I worked with was a huge Cody Lane (former porn star) fan and he told me she was looking to hire a photographer/ video. He told me because I was in college for photography at the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh. So I submitted my work and film reel and got the job.

So things started from that?

Yes, I then signed a contract with her and her production. Things were going great. I created great promo videos to launch her brand. Things went down south when it was time for them to pay me. Long story short, that company never paid me for my work, so I left.

What happened next?

After that I spent about 2 years traveling the US homeless to publish an art book that I released in NYC on homelessness. When I turned 21 I received a call from OC Modeling the day after my birthday, which is January 7th. They called to ask if I would like to sign with their agency. The rest is pretty much history.
That’s the beginning journey of X.

So you went from working on backstage to actually perform. How is the big difference in your opinion?

I love performing. But honestly, I love directing and creating the art for viewers to watch. To be completely honest I am very camera shy.

Do you think that being shy is a problem down the road or is it actually something good?

Yes and no. I feel like it will give me some type of mystery for different characters I guess. I’ve noticed everyone has their own unique signature and I am trying to figure out what my signature could be to better myself.

Have you performed in how many scenes so far?

At total of 4. I’ve performed with Karlee Grey, Carmen Valentina, Richelle Ryan and Riley Reid.

For what studios exactly?

I’ve shot with Dogfart Twice, Bangbros and Reality Kings.

Is there any style you personally like when it comes to porn?

I am a very passionate guy. So I guess you can say that those are my favorite style.

Would you say that your personality reflects your work in porn?

I look very young. People say I look about 16 or 18, which really helps when I’m filming a scene with someone as my stepmother. So therefore, I would so much be the alpha and I’m ok with that. That actually helps me get into the X character.

Dude, your cock is giant.

To be completely honest I never thought my cock was that big. It came to the point to where people would tell me and I would ask girls during sex and some girl would say they’ve had way bigger while my penis was inside of them. Hahah. That total messed up my mind. So after that I thought my penis was really small.

The fact that you have a baby face and a giant cock also helps to play different characters? What’s your take on that?

I don’t think it would help play different characters. I never really thought about it. I thought I could just play stepson scenes.

But you know, there are so many roles out there and black performers with big cocks can also be considered for them, but somehow, most of the companies are not considering them as options. Why?

I am very aware of that. That’s why I told my agents that I don’tt want to be booked for blow bangs as much because I don’t want to classify myself as that guy or to be known/seen performing in that environment as much. But I think it’s a little political as well.


Maybe I shouldn’t have said political in that sense, but more so as stereotypical. But I think the right looking black male with the right personality could play the roles of others in this industry. The best example I could give is like the mainstream entertainment. Black people are only classified under one specific role(s) at times. Unless you’re the main character and/or well known in the industry.

What is your main goal working as a porn actor?

My main goal is to be a director. I love film. That’s why I went to college. To an art institute. Later down the road I want to produce film with my own production company. That’s the only reason why I’m starting as a performer. To build honest and trusting relationships and create a fan base for when I do start my own production

Would you ever perform in a gay scene as an actor or, ultimately, as a director?

I’ve been asked to perform in a TS scene. Me, personally, could never do it. But as a director I could film that type of work.

So you’re 100% straight?

Yes. I’m a 100% straight married man.

Married? Oh, I missed that part.

Yes, I am a married happy man.

Intimacy. How did you realize you have a super cock? Tell me some story related to that.

I actually realized when I got into the industry. People just kept saying that I had a BBC. I never really paid any attention to it before then. I don’t really have any fascinating jack off story, sadly.

Tell me something we don’t know about you. Some story about your life. Not necessarily related to porn.

My mom basically paid $60,000.00 for me to go to High School for me to be a porn star.

How is that?

That’s how much my high school cost and I never finished college. Plus, I’m not actually fully black. My grandmother is Native American and my other side of the family grandmother is white. I’m also adopted inside of my family.

How many tats do you have and what do they mean?

I actually have no idea how many tattoos I have. My right arm is tribal. Arrows and a female Indian to represent my ancestors. My left arm is my son’s name. A compass that only has north and west. A camera. A camera shutter with my last name a photography. I have a freaking owl with a Jason mask sitting a machete. A rose and three crosses and one hidden cross. And a bunch of birds. A tattoo that says ‘pulse’, a book I released in Hawaii. A tattoo that says carpe diem with a feather and a wolf.

Do you have any role model in this business? I saw a pic of you with Ryan Driller.

I wouldn’t say he is my role model. I just find his back story interesting and brave. I mainly look up to Isaiah Maxwell. I go to him if I have any questions.

Can you talk more about your talents other than porn? You mentioned this art book. Then you mentioned something about a work released in Hawaii, which is related to one of your tats.

It isn’t a secret that I released them about a year ago. But the adult film industry has no idea, which is a great thing that I could use to my advantage for when I release my short film that is tilted ‘Silent Pain’. Once I release that those other photography books will put up for a conversation on why I created this short film. Trust me, it will be worth the wait.

Follow him on Twitter at @xavierxxx_

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