Karlo Karrera: “They Say I Am A Friendly Giant”

Karlo Karrera is a tall, dark and a handsome man from Dominican Republic who always wanted to help other people. He used to save lives as a paramedic in Miami before he even started doing porn, almost eight years ago.

“Señor” Karrera is a giant: 6’5 tall, 230 lbs of muscle and an equally magnificent performance which makes him one of the best male performers in the business today. He is a married man living a normal life in Noho Arts District, Los Angeles, California.

Despite his intimidating stature, Karlo is best known as one of the nicest guy anyone could meet, something that totally stands in contrast to his physical power.

In this interview with Inside Porn, he says people usually define him as a friendly and gentle giant, someone who plays an aggressive role on scene, but who is a sweetheart in real life.

But what people don’t know about Karlo is that he’s a former reality TV show contestant and was once invited to be on the hit show The Bachelor. Find out more about this 37 years-old stud below.

This interview was originally published in 2016.

As much as the cliche goes, I can’t skip this one: when did you start doing porn and how did you get into the industry?

I started working in the industry in 2008 in Miami, Florida. I’m a licensed paramedic, believe it or not. So as I was doing my schooling and working in an ambulance company while I had the chance to model suits and underwear for Macy’s and Nordstrom for their catalogues, I met a photographer that I hooked up with and she told me joking if I could do intense sex in front of a camera and I laughed. But she introduced me to an agent and I started to shoot about two scenes a week while still in school and working full time.

Was the money so good that you decided to keep doing this instead of the paramedical career?

You could say that … much much better actually. But nothing beats passion and I really wanted to end up at a Fire Department working as a Firefighter/Paramedic. You know, I am very comfortable at making decisions that might not be the norm for most people. I felt I had my degree already and I’m an open minded individual that likes to grow in, every way weather it was porn or Dade County Fire department

But nowadays do you work with anything else other the porn?

Yes. I have a line of nutritional products that finally launched last year. It’s a website with all male and female nutritional supplements. We are called TheDocsOrders.com.

Is it an old project of you that you are finally making it happen? How is it going so far?

It’s going good. Steady and strong. We provide lots of information on all products and use compounding pharmacies to customize medication or supplements for people that suffer from other illness like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and so on.

So back at your debut in porn… It’s been about eight years now. Did the industry change in your opinion?

It has changed very much. By the time I got in, it was already changing, the internet made everyone rich then the same internet took it away.

But is it still worth it?

Yea. This is still a billion dollar business. You know, it’s just not as easy for the performers both male and female to adjust to everyone in their house with a cam and think they are porn stars and it has diluted the talent and performers.

On the other hand, you have established your name so well that I bet you don’t suffer with those changing… Am I wrong?

Nope. I work more than most. Once you establish yourself as reliable talent meaning you are on time and 99% of girl want to work with you… and most important don’t fail. Keeping your dick hard is actually not as easy as a morning wood.

Well, there are always fluffers availabe.

That’s a myth my brother. Fluffers only exist on party shoots where there is a bunch of people.

So what helps you guys to keep the dick hard and not fail?

Depends. Sometimes I like to use Cialis.

But is there any kind of girl or situation on set that really turn you on? So much so that a Cialis won’t be needed...

Of course. I just did a threesome with Bridget B and Abigail Mac. No Cialis needed.

So threesomes are your favorites?

I like threesomes and gonzo is my preference, because I’’m more of an alpha so gonzo gives me freedom to do whatever and threesomes play right in to this alpha persona.

I was gonna ask if being a dominant male performer was your most dominant character trait, so I assume the answer is yes.


Does it somehow relate to the real Karlo Karera as well? I mean, is that how you act in your life outside of porn?

No… If you ask anyone that knows me in a personal level they will say I’m a friendly giant.

So there is a cute side of your personality that the porn viewers don’t really know?

You could say that .. If you look at my Twitter I’m not your typical jock I guess. Laughs.

But… You know, in porn you take on a fake name, a fake persona… Is it possible to separate the two guys living in one?

I can …..but it is not for everyone. I try to keep it simple.

How so?

In my mind porn is a job that I get paid well and I’m decent at it to make a living so a matter of finding the balance and always have goals because after you been in the industry for seven years is not just about fucking the next 18 year old or big porn star. It’s a cliche, but it works.

I already know that Karlo, the porn performer, is an alpha. But the real one is a friendly giant. What are the other traits you could mention?

I follow politics, I have 37 audio books on my phone I like to listen to. Majority on self improvement and science fiction. I’m also a gym rat that plays lots of basketball. I am not too sexual at home. Actually I am pretty fucking boring. But I’m OK with that.

Are you single?

I’m married.

Married with kids and dogs like in the movies?

Lol No, just married and with a sharpie called Sosa.

Is your wife from the industry?

Yes. Amy Anderssen. We’ve been together for three years now.

I am sure I saw you on an episode of a reality TV show once. Correct if I am wrong…

Correct . I did Millionaire Matchmaker Sons of Anarchy. My old agent when I first moved to Los Angeles got me those gigs.

Karlos was also a contestant on MTV’s Thressome

That was you you on the show or Karlo Karrera?

No that was me as Mario (his real first name). I made it to the final two on MMM season 6 then they wanted to bring me back so I could say at the reunion live show show that I was actually a porn star now. The day before I called them and said I was not comfortable yet to do it on national TV. But now I wish I would have done it.

Wait. You refused to get back on the show?

Yes, I did.

I’m doing my research here, but just to make it simple: what is the show about, what did you do there and what did you get from the experience

The show is about dating . They get two millionaires and 60 possible dates. They narrow it down based on what the millionaire wants in a man or woman. I was one of the 60 and the girl liked me is that simple I thought it was cool.

You said you should have done it again. Would you do another reality TV show?

Maybe. If it makes sense. I got asked to be on The Bachelor contestant like a week ago.

Did they know you are actually a porn star during the casting process?

No. The person that asked me has no idea I’m an adult actor so for that particular show it would not work my brother.

Why don’t you try on Survivor, Big Brother or even The Amazing Race? I think you have what it takes…

Honestly, I’m very busy with life right now. It would probably be a great experience. I like fame in a way, but on my terms I rarely go out . Putting myself out there is just something I’m OK not having being a porn star. However, even though porn is very mainstream these days I’ll wait my turn.

You think porn has become mainstream?

Absolutely. Porn is everywhere. Women watch tons of porn and now it is tangled with social media and such, and people are way more accepting of porn. It is not a taboo like before

You have done two gay scenes in the past back when you started. Do you feel comfortable enough to talk about it?

It’s fine. I did one movie and two parts. I don’t have to explain my sexual preferences. I’m a straight man. I tried it on set while was getting paid but it was not me so I moved on.

Would you do it again for a good money?

I’m not attracted to men or masculinity in any way. So it would be very difficult to put a $ number. It can come across as dismissive but you try a drug you hate and you’d never do it again.

That statement can come off kind of homophobic…

Well, the point is that I moved on and sometimes people don’t like my response because it’s a simple one. You hear stories of other guys that did the same thing and they struggle big time explaining that because they are insecure or whatever.

… Which is not your case.

Right. I did the movie, they were very professional, they treated me with respect. That’s it. I could tell you a million excuses about that such as “It was the money”, or “I was tricked”, but whatever I’d say those are not the truth. The most honest answer is what I said before, it was what it was and now I’m better for it. I love all my fans, gay and straight, it doesn’t really matter.

Follow Karlo Karrera at @karlokarrera

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