Viktor Rom: “I’m Not Only Here For 15 Minutes”

Viktor Rom Visser is the stage name of a 30 years-old lawyer originally from Venezuela who found his way into the fame by having sex in front of cameras.

This 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 180 pounds latino stud is considered one of the strongest personalities and one of the best actors to break into the industry in years – and there’s no doubt about it (just ask any producer).

But that is not enough for him. Viktor wants to make it big in Spain, where he currently lives, and wants to break into the mainstream industry of entertainment. In 2016, he got his own TV Show in Spain called “Y si hablamos de sexo”. He is very proud of the way things are going.

On May 17th, 2018, Viktor was awarded with the Prowler Porn Awards as “The Best European Daddy of The Year”. The ceremony took place in London.

“l feel very excited for everything that’s happening in my life now and the way people are accepting me as a part of the porn world and outside of it”, he says. We spoke about his career and other things in this exclusive interview originally published in 2016.

And yes, you are not crazy if you also think he looks just like Javier Bardem.

How did you get into the porn industry?

My friend John Rodriguez, who’s also a porn star, talked to me about the idea of doing porn and everything related to the porn world. So in December of 2014 I get myself involved in a casting process with Kristen Bjorn. They gave me a positive answer in January 2015 after an interview through Skype and that was basically it. I went to Madrid for my first scenes and I never stopped ever since.

You are from Venezuela but your name sounds like anything but Venezuelan.

Viktor is Russian and it stands for “dominate”, something I really am in scene and in my real life. Rom is for Rome, my favorite city, and Visser is a dutch last name I always wanted to have.

What’s your favorite scene so far?

I love In the Flesh Scene Four, by Kristen Bjorn, released on May 2015. And I love it because this was the longest movie l made in the industry. We shot it throughout 13 hours in a row with fellow porn actors Antonio Miracle and the Australian Letterio Amadeo, some of the actors I love to film with.

Editor’s note: this scene starts with Antonio and Letterio enjoying a beautiful autumn day when Viktor passes by and catches their attention. Letterio and Antonio give each other that glance that says “he’s ours”, but Viktor moves on. They catch up with him and convince him that his day would be better spent with them. All three men return to Antonio’s apartment where everyone is quickly stripped down to their briefs. The three monsters are unleashed and the beautiful day becomes a memorable day. The rest is legend.

What is your most dominant character trait?

I consider myself a very outgoing person, very polite, happy, funny and irreverent. I’m also a very honest guy and l like to say the truth, no matter what. In a sexual way, l’m only top.

What is your opinion on this new generation of porn actors?

Many of them are unprepared and they do not think a video will be on the Internet forever. In my case, I know exactly what I am doing and what l want and this is an opportunity for me to get in into a movie or TV show.

How so?

Let me tell you something. Four months ago VIVETV, a channel of a TV in Spain, gave me an opportunity to host the show called “Y Si Hablamos de Sexo” – something like What If We Talk About Sex. That’s what l want people to know. The porn industry can be the key for you to open doors to a lot of possibilities.

But this is also a very challenging industry. Do you feel like you guys have to work harder in order to establish a name?

Yes, it’s true, we have to do a lot movies in order to keep our name on the top because with one good movie you only stay for a few months.  For me, things are happening naturally because l only make a casting and many producers start calling me to film with them.

Where do you live now? Do people recognize you in the streets?

l live in Madrid and people do recognize me in the streets, on the subway, while doing grocery shopping and to be honest with you, I like to be recognized by people and talk to the fans.

Most of your movies are without condom. Did you ever have any problem with it?

l make movies with and without protection. I don’t see a problem. Production get everyone tested before the movies.

Do you feel safe?

All my life l feel safe. The insecurity is a negative human behavior and must be eliminated. It’s just not part of my life.

What turns you on during sex?

l like to suck my cock and have hard sex. That gives me much morbidity and also l like the person to be with me to have a lot of imagination.

Do you think you are living your 15 minutes now? Why?

I’m a man with his feet on the ground. Therefore, I’m not here to get to stay for 15 minutes only. That is for sure.

Which perfume do you use every day?

I use different kinds of perfumes like Carolina Herrera, Clinique Happy, Paco Rabanne, 212, etc.

When and how did you realize you had what most men don’t, if you know what I mean…

When I was 12 years old l noticed that I had a big cock and my friends used to look at me on the bathroom way too much. It’s thick, as you guys know, and hard like a rock. lt’s also beautiful and has a lot of veins.

You consider yourself 100% gay?

I’d say I am pan-sexual. I like people, no matter if you are a man, a woman or transsexual for me the only important thing are the feelings.

Will you ever bottom?

I will not. I’m only top. I have my very strong role.

Do you jerk off a lot? Like, in a rainy morning, alone at home…

No, I never jerk off. I get sex easily

What’s the secret for a good scene in your opinion?

The secret for a good scene in my opinion is to deliver all the best you have. It has to have chemistry among the actors, you got to remove and stick your cock back and forth so that the camera can capture images and above all you need a good director to direct you.

What’s an average day in the life of Viktor like?

I get up early, prepare breakfast, go to the gym for two hours and half, I then go to work. I usually check my Twitter and interact with the fans and check my schedule. I love going to the movies, theaters, museums and I like to walk my dog ​​Venus out. I am a very quiet man. I also like to travel a lot.

Speaking of stereotype, have you ever felt the “bad side” of being famous, or at least, a known person?

l always want to live the experience to be famous and l like it the way it is. Now, with my TV show on, l want to catch other kind of public as well.

What are your plans?

I want to work harder on my TV show and make mainstream movies, advertise and continue the campaign against animal abuses and cares for flora and fauna. This year l also want to cross paths and do straight movies and with transsexuals.

That’s what l want people to know. The porn industry can be the key for you to open doors to a lot of possibilities.

– Viktor Rom Visser

Would you like to send a message to your fans? Now that’s the time.

I’d like to thank all my fans for the support in Latin America and especially for you in Brazil and Portugal who have followed my work since I started. Remember to follow your goals and do not forget that we must respect our flora and fauna and all living things.

Follow him at @viktorromxxx

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