Lorenzo Viota: “I Am A Dominant Alpha Male”

Alpha males are always very dominant. They are sure of their beliefs and don’t really care what other males think. Plus: they are always in charge no matter what.

In sex, it wouldn’t be different. Check out our exclusive interview with porn star Lorenzo Viota, the self-proclaimed alpha male who is also always ready to fuck. And to dominate, of course. 

Tell us a little bit about you

I am of Italian origin, but I was actually born in Belgium. I am not single, I am 34 year-old and my dick is like 17.5cm.


How did you get into the porn industry?

I got into this industry because I had some friends who work doing small amateur scenes. One day I decided to shoot a scene with my girlfriend.


Do you have a “role model”?

I really like the work of Rocco Siffredi both casting and his productions at Evil Angel


In your opinion, what is the secret to make it in this industry?

The hardest thing for the guys is definitely to keep our dick hard all the time and ejaculate whey they demand. Therefore, to make it in this industry you got to get that thing hard when it’s needed.


What is the perfect atmosphere “behind the curtains” for you?

Each atmosphere is different depending on the productions or the directors. Some can be cold, others can be very funny. For me, the faster the scene is the faster it unfolds. Some scenes are easy to produce because a scene that lasts longer with a lot of cut is actually harder. The perfect atmosphere is when the actress is nice, so is the director and that everyone smiles.


Tell us about your body. How much time do you spend on that? It’s beautiful!

I did bodybuilding in 2012. I went to competitions and did great. I pay attention to what I eat and I do a lot of bodybuilding. When the weather allows me I try to maintain the cardio even if it is not easy. I have a very busy life and it’s hard to balance both personal and professional life. Of course, I also find time for everything.


Do you intend to do something more personal like a solo scene in the future?

For what reason would I make a solo scene? I am always accompanied by one or more female partners so I do not need to make solo scenes.


Have you ever considered to do gay porn?

Not at all. I have gay friends at the gym as in everyday life. I respect them and I want them to respect the fact that I am a straight man. I do not plan to do any gay porn now or in the future.


You are very dominant when it comes to sex. Can you tell us if you are exactly what we see in the videos?

Yes, I definitely am. The porn that I prefer is Gonzo type. I can be a best fucking like that. I like girls who have practically no limits. I like when they are submissive. I am someone who is very doming during sex, but in my personal life I am a person who adapts to various situations. Gonzo and gender domination are definitely my cup of tea.


What else do you do other than porn?

I’m a very passionate person so I live for the moment. As of now, I am in porn so I give 100%. One day, maybe, I will work behind the camera as a director or change completely my professional field.


Describe your cock and let us know how you feel about having a big dick.

It is often said that I have a thick cock. I always found that my dick was normal when I see some people and some actors I think it is normal. It happens very rarely that some actresses find it too big but it’s still rare.


What do you do in your spare time?

I watch a lot of TV shows with my wife, who’s porn actress Rachel Adjani. I go to the store like everybody to do my grocery shopping. I go to gym. I take care of my two kids. I have a 11 year old daughter and a 5 year old son.


What do you want to do in the industry that you have not done yet?

I’d like to be a part of a extremely hard scene with a 18 year old teen. And I would like to take her to her deepest limits.


Tell us something new. Something you have never told anyone. Everything that comes from your mind now. Whatever.

Well, despite my age, I feel like I have already lived a life of a 60 year old man because I worked in many different fields and have been through a lot of things. Now that I’m in the middle of my career in porn, I really hope I can make it further. I know, however, that there are many people who is jealous. Some actors tell me no to pay attention to the jealousy but it’s really hard for me. I just want everyone to be cool and do their thing, you know?

Follow him at @lorenzoviota

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