Bel Gris: “I Want To Offer Pornography With No Labels”

Bel Gris is a porn producer from Spain, who has drawn critical attention due to his excellent work in the adult entertainment industry. His formula is quite simple: not only he creates cool content, for all audiences, he is also politically responsible.

With that being said, do not expect scenes that degrade the female figure and place the men as the center of the universe. Far from that, Bel’s pornography with no labels is the trademark of this Spanish stud, the creator and the man behind

His website, which is a tremendous success on the internet, took the woman’s role out of the focus and it balances the responsibility of porn between the male and female figures, without any barriers. It is, indeed, a heterosexual porn, without prejudice, as Bel defines it  better.

Because of his work, Bel Gris draws attention from big names in porn, like Erika Lust herself, who also directs her feminist work away from demeaning humiliations and scenes that wouldn’t be comfortable for anyone.

In the following interview, originally published in 2016, but edited by Inside Porn, he tells everything. And a little more. 

Tell us a little bit about the one and only Bel Gris

I’m 36 years old and I am just an ordinary guy from Spain. I’m living alone in the city of Barcelona, I’m a single. I don’t use perfume. I don’t need it because I take at least one shower per day. A part from that, each person has its personal scent and I just want to respect it.


And… you do porn.

That’s right, but pornography is not my first occupation. I actually work as a business transfer agent, which means… I do the same as a real state agent but specialized in operations of  buying and selling companies. I read realistic novels. I enjoy listening to acoustic and classical music, specially when I drive.


Why someone would pay for porn when it’s so easy to get it for free? 

Pornography has changed and it’s true, you can actually watch free porn easily, but there are people out there who are searching for good quality and people who are simply followers of concrete producers and they like to contribute to their livelihood.


What do you mean?

Usually the quality of free porn is not the same as the paid porn. Also,when you watch free porn, this kind of web pages make you jump to another web pages through hidden links or they are basically virus or spies that want to go into your PC or mobile. Plus, they charge expenses naughtily or can cause dizziness.


That’s why you became a producer?

Pretty much, yes. I produce for my own web page called Tetatita. “Teta” means tits in Spanish and “Tita” means Little Penis in Catalan. I’m aware that the name is not that good, I know.


Despite being a straight web site, the male figure has a major role in Tetatita. Why?

Men in gay web pages have the major role and in the “straight” web pages women are who have this leadership, so maybe I just want to focus on a lighter version of “straight” pornography, as I try to balance the roles of both sex. My goal is to offer pornography without labels, but it’s very difficult to find performers willing to engage in this goal and people who convince me they are really interested in doing so.


What do performers need to have in order to work with you?

I’m searching for natural profiles, you know? normal appearance. There are a lot of performers who show evidences of sexual deprivation. I just want the kind of people that you can meet in your everyday life and who creates surprising while they act as a porn stars. I don’t want porn stars, I prefer ordinary people who express themselves naturally.


Do you think women and gays are also interested to see male solo content and not only girls being fucked? 

It’s always fun to watch a man masturbating himself. I think that this is a fantasy of many people, women or men. Beyond this, when I upload a photo of a naked girl in the Tetatita’s official twitter is not that successful, whereas when I upload a picture of a naked man, it has more repercussion among our followers. That’s why we produce this kind of videos too. 


Put us inside the production. The script, the filming, the audio, soundtrack… everything seems to be perfectly arranged for a great scene.

Of course, I would like to make it better, having more resources. I’m aware of the low quality of the product I’m offering. I know that my productions are almost mediocre. However, I know that you don’t have to be a high “cuisine” chef if you are selling donuts, but you have to try to make the work as best as you can. And always with humor and energy. 


More than anyone producing porn today, you are relating this to other kind of art, such as music and acting. Do you really see porn as a kind of art?  

No, I’m not thinking about pornography as a kind of art. I’m thinking of a kind of provocation or contrast to the pre-established customs. I just want to express something like this: look what I’m doing, nobody is indispensable, nudity is not a problem and I can fuck in front of you if we both agree.


Personally, I love it when you upload videos singing and being naked. What does music mean to you and how far do you think going with this professionally? 

Music is marvelous, magical. I like to sing and play guitar and also I like to create my own songs, but I know my limits and my personal abilities. I prefer to respect the real musicians. And deep down I know I’m not a musician. I would like to be a musician or an outstanding singer, but my level is mediocre.


Do you plan on doing something mainstream other than porn? 

I’ll continue making businesses in porn, as I’m actually doing and studying. 


Recently, something happened on your Facebook and Twitter related to the Brazilian fans. What happened exactly and what did you do with all that exposure you got?

Yes, something happened but I still cannot understand what it was exactly. I noticed a lot of enthusiasm from Brazil, it was a boom, specially on my old Facebook account. All of the things I published had a lot of likes and comments, specially from Brazil. It was crazy and curiously Facebook and YouTube removed definitively my accounts alleging that I wasn’t in compliance with their rules. I lost a lot of Internet traffic. 


You are very sexy and a very hung guy who knows how to be sexy in front of the camera…

I am not that tall (169cm) and my penis is not big, I’m rather small. At school in the locker-rooms, my school mates used to laugh at me, I just wanted to have a normal dick. However, there was a guy with a bigger dick than mine. My penis is a median size when is relaxed.


Are you sure of the size of dick? I know that may sound weird, but it looks for us, viewers, that is pretty thick and big. You cock is gigantic.

Where is the problem? My dick is not big. I’m small.

Side note: recently, Bel Gris uploaded a video where he assumes his cock size. The real size is 21.7cm long and 16.3cm thick. 

Why did you say a different size before?

Because all porn actors lie about their size.


Will we ever see you with a beard in a scene? Or hairy? That would give a great photo shot. 

In my everyday life I don’t shave. I always have a beard on. I only shave my beard when I have to shoot a film. 


What are your plans?

My basic plan is to continue living, go to the mountain and to the beach. And specially search for the snow in the winter and swim in cold water during summer. Water gives me energy. Oh, and I want to start producing gay content soon, as a producer, not an actor.

Follow Bel at @BelGris

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