Antonio Biaggi: “The Safer Sex Is No Sex At All”

This interview was originally published in 2013, but there’s some update.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I was born in New York but my parents are from Puerto Rico and I never lived in NY. After I was born, my parents went back to Puerto Rico where I lived all my life.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I don’t have free time any more but I like to cook and go to the beach and read history books, but now I’m only working all the time. Always busy.

Side note: Antonio is an entrepreneur. Besides his own porn producer, he runs his own Man’s Spa called Hush (2219 Wilton Dr. Fort Lauderdale, Florida).

How do you describe your personality?

I’m very private. I have very few friends but when I have a friend I’m a very giving person, so I’ll give more than I take from all my friend. I am always the one who everyone looks for help, you know, I am always solving problems and I like to help people. I love humble people.

When did you start watching porn and why?

I was so young maybe 14 years old. I saw a movie in my father’s closet. I watched the movie and put it back.

And then, how did you enter the porn industry?

I always wanted to be a porn actor so one day I went to a store and I started looking in the back of the movies for websites. I found a phone number so I gave them a call and two months later I was filming my first video.

How many scenes have you been a part of?

I don’t know, I might have done more than 130 movies

Now that you are an experienced porn star, what does it take to be a good one?

I don’t know when I noticed my cock was big because I never really paid attention to that. But in my opinion, a big cock helps but you need to have other things too. To be a porn actor you have to look good and people have to find you sexy. You don’t have to be pretty, but sexy, which is very different than the fashion industry.  I don’t have a big body but I keep my body in shape.

Whom were your first scene with?

It was an orgy. I don’t remember but it was an eight guys scene.

What is it like to be a porn star?

It’s ok I guess. I don’t think of myself as a porn star, I just do porn so I’m a porn actor. It’s only when I do a show or people in the streets ask for photos and autographs that I think ‘holly shit I’m kind of famous”. I live in Florida, Fort Lauderdale, so yes people recognize me in the airplanes, in the streets and in many places that I go. It’s funny and it makes me feel good that people likes my job.

What companies have you worked with?

Many from Raging Stallion to Raw Strokes , , (his own company) and so many I can’t even say all the studios.

Do you have a role model in the porn world?

No, I don’t have any role model. I don’t follow other models. I only do my job and that’s it. I don’t care about the other models because most of them are not very nice people.

You are very active on social media.

I love contacting my fans after all I am where I am thanks to people that like me. So the least I can do is to respond back. I also like to have so many following so I can create an impact in the issues that I always been involved like protecting animals from abuse and protecting the environment.

I assume that most of your fans are gay men, but do you have women fans as well?

I have many women and lesbians that like gay porn and I say maybe 10% of my fans are women.

What was the most challenging and difficult scene to perform you have ever been involved in?

I did a scene with a model that was not good looking and he was on drugs and smell bad. I had to tell him to take a shower and it was not my favorite scene at all. You know…  many stuff can happen in the studios, but I’m writing a book about me and that’s one of the chapters so I don’t want to talk about that now.

What’s your take on Brazil?

I love Brazilian men. They are one of my favorites. I wanted to go for the World Cup but the price was too much so I wasn’t able to go for that, but I hope when I found many models there I will be going to film in Brazil. That will be my ultimate fantasy, you know? I never dated a Brazilian, but I fucked lot of Brazilians. Those are my favorites. I think I’m scared I would end up moving to Brazil if I visited (laughs).

Do you consider yourself a metro sexual man?

No, I’m not a metro sexual man, but I do eat organic food and I do take care of myself. I like fashion but I’m not a metro sexual at all. Here in the USA they have to shave and they look like women. I am men. I like to have my facial hair and act like a man.  I am a gay man, I love men. I don’t think a real straight man would ever have sex with another man no matter how much money they would offer. Straight for pay is bullshit, either they are bisexual or gay. That’s all.

Do you think porn is sort of a narcissist job, since you work with your body?

Yes, of course. I love that you said that because everyone thinks that people in porn were abused or are low life people, but being in this industry there are so many big egos. Every model thinks they are the best looking people in the world they all think that everyone has to serve them and they think they are Hollywood stars (laughs). They all have big personalities.

Most of your scenes are done without condom. What is your take on that?

I actually feel safer than when I did porn with condom.  At least here we all get tested. There’s always the risk, of course, but even when I did condom movies I got STD like gonorrhea and syphilis. It was scary. Those models think that the condom protects them and it does not. The safe sex is no sex at all. I have not had as much problems in the bareback industry as I did in the condom industry plus all those models in the condom industry they all do bareback behind the scenes so whatever . They are all hypocrites and they all see bareback movies to get hard.

Follow Antonio at @XXXBiaggi

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