Cristian Sam: “Porn Unites Us A Nation”

One of the hottest porn stars of the moment is our Argentine neighbor Cristian Sam. At 32, this handsome man is 6’0 and 192 lbs, with an exciting beard and a cock that is about 9 inches long, very thick.

Filming today for the main adult entertainment companies in the world, Cristian feels the taste of fame. He will visit Brazil for the very first time by the end of this month to enjoy the beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro, a city that he always wanted to visit.

In his resumé, the Argentine stud has filmed with two Brazilian actors with good projection abroad, the excellent Andy Star and the equally experienced Jonathan Miranda. About that exchange of cultures in sex, he believes that porn unites even more the two nations.

Cristian Sam lives in Buenos Aires, with his dog Ygor and he found time to talk exclusively with Inside Porn early on this week. 

You are about to visit Brazil. What brings you here?

I will be in Rio de Janeiro. This is going to be my first time in Brazil and I will go on vacation. I really want to experience what this city is all about. I’ve always wanted to visit Rio.

You are an extremely handsome and very masculine. Those characteristics traits were essential to establish your career in porn?

Thank you for the compliments. However, those traits are not necessarily what it takes to be successful in this industry. Porn is not for everyone, you know? I think that in my case, it’s because I take my work in the porn industry very seriously and in a respectful way. In addition to that, I have excellent relationships with my colleagues.

What do you think that the audience expects from you?

I think that my audience likes to see me in the role of a dominant alpha male. With that being said, I will offer them much more of that role.


Will you be bottomed by someone at some point of your career?

Well, not at the moment, but I never say never.

You have worked with some Brazilian actors, such as Andy Star and Jonathan Miranda. Did you bring the adrenaline and the brotherhood tension that exists between Brazil and Argentina for the scene?

That is funny. I think that porn also unites us as a nation. I love Brazilian men.

If you had to choose your best scene, or the most special one, which would that be?

That’s difficult to choose. However, the ones you mentioned above were the hottest. The two movies have been filmed in 2017 for


Your first scene was for Men At Play, which is one of the most famous. Generally, actors start in smaller producers, but not you.

Well, in my first time, I was very nervous but the colleagues who worked with me on my first shoot were very close and professional so they helped me to feel calmer and more confident. Thanks to that first positive experience, I continued in the world of pornography.

What else do you do other than porn?

Well I am also a dancer and an actor. I played some roles in the theater so I would like to invest more on that side of me. I would like to record some fiction outside of porn and show my audience my other skills. Although, I must say, that would cost me a lot to leave porn someday. I really like what I do.

Are you currently an exclusive actor for any company?

I do not have exclusivity with any producer or company simply because it is something that I do not want at the moment.


You travel a lot. Is there room in your schedule to enjoy local men from those places?

There is always room to enjoy local men.

What’s your take on bareback scenes?

I have not done bareback yet because in Argentina there is such a thing as PrEp so I encourage protected sex.

What is the name of the reality show that you have participated in Argentina?

I was on a reality TV show, which did not go very well and I do not want to talk about it. It was not a good experience in my life.


But you are a fan of reality shows, aren’t you?

Yes, of course. Big Brother for me is the main one. I would like at some point to become a house guest in the most famous house in the world.

How is your life in Argentina before the porn industry?

Well, I was a salesman, I have always worked in the retail industry, and specifically at the menswear departments so I was always in stores, selling, I am very good at it. In my spare time, I used to work as a personal trainer. I really like to train people to achieve their goals.

In your personal life, what exactly turns you on?

Well, in my personal life, I think I like sex way too much and I live it freely and without prejudice. I like fetishism a lot.


When did you perceive you had a big penis?

Funny. Back in the days, when I was entering my adolescence, I thought I had a problem with my cock, that it was not normal, and that no one was going to want to have sex with me. At first, I did not accept it, I wanted it to be smaller, but people started telling me that the cock was beautiful. Turns out it had nothing to do with my size.

Who is your role model in this business?

My great inspiration and therefore my role model, someone who I’m also a fan, is Rocco Steele.

There are limits when it comes to pornography?

Well that is personal question and, of course, it has to do with what each actor accepts and wants to do in his career. In my case, I’d like to have that answer saved for my own privacy.


Do you like to be watched?

Yes, I love exhibitionism; it excites me to be seen. I live my life with total freedom. It makes me very horny when people watch me.

Tell me something I do not know about you.

Something that I do not show is that I am actually a very sensitive man. I cry a lot and I even go through moments of personal insecurity.

Is there a message that you would like to send to your Brazilian fans?

To my Brazilian fans, I want to thank you, for being a fan, for following me, for choosing me. Brazil has actually one of the audiences that have treated me the best; they are very warm and respectful. Thank you for always watching my movies and remember that you must never stop dreaming. You guys should live without prejudice and love yourself first regardless who you are. Thank you

Follow him at @CristianSamXXX on Twitter

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