Chad White: “The Mainstream World Isn’t My Cup of Tea”

Like him or not, Chad White is one of the most famous straight porn stars in the industry these days. He is not only hot, dominant, a typical alpha male, but he is also very intelligent, someone who wants to know the secrets of life.

Inside Porn had the chance to interview him. 

How does it feel to be one of the Top 10 in this industry?

Let’s not say top 10. I’d prefer to say I am doing well for myself now. To be honest I only really know I got where I am by shooting every day. Whether it’s actually worked is another story at the moment but if you really are curious I just shot content or hired for scenes every day I could. I was making every day count, calling, texting. I made some noise and I definitely had a few people pissed at me, but I just wanted to “make it”. I asked too many questions about lighting, photography, positions, started looking up what people wanted and I’m sure my website to come will show all those unique aspects. What it feels like to be me? Busy. I refuse to rest and I’m one of those weirdos who sleeps 3 hours at night.

When did all start?

Like most stupid teens I took my clothes off when I was young for jokes. Professionally? I am still in the mindset of this is all joke like the Truman show. Someone is gonna pop out and be like it’s all staged, but it’s real… so real that I’ve ended up doing scenes and dating some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.


How do you get in shape?

I work out for 3-4 hours when I’m by myself. The gym has become a life changer. When I work out I zen out. I get stoned and just enjoy the pump and tripping out to my music. With how random and hectic porn life can be I try to make as much time I can to hit the gym and eat healthy. Driving back and forth to LA and Vegas from San Diego doesn’t leave much time but the lack of sleep makes up for it.

What does one need in order to be successful in this industry?

To make it in porn all you need is to be nice, keep your dick hard, cum when needed. And you don’t even need to speak the same language, be in shape, be attractive or be a good fuck. It however is a double standard for girls at times. The thing that I think helps me the most is that I have a long thick dick. If i had a small one I’d be tossed out long ago.

You look so much better when you’re all hairy…

I am hairy. Trimming takes time and it’s prickly. If I’m soft and inviting I get a better reaction from the girl. No one wants to fuck a welcome mat. No matter how catchy the phrase on your mat… no one is fucking that prickly fucker. Directors don’t care anymore. Porn is changing. We all just want a good scene that we’d jerk off to. I either get the 18 year old who goes.. “ew.. you’re like hairy and gross.” or I get the weird animal side of women.. like Austin Powers! ‘omg, you are hairy like animal’. I like that.



Will you invest more time in solo scenes?

In 2017, I had an entire list of solo type scenes. I’ve been holding off forever in order to create a social media stir and draw attention to my site with how crazy they will be. stay tuned. Also DPs and gang bangs.

How will your site be any different than the others?

My site will offer everything you can probably think of. I have about 350 scenes saved up, but the killer part is I think I’m ball parking 500 social media sites, 20 clips stores, signed up to all the webcam sites etc. when I re launch everything it will include all of those. I’ve been sitting on Alexa, Google analytics, and basically all the social media analytics on what works and what doesn’t. When I finish it’s gonna be epic! I will be offering a free section on my site too. Best part is others can upload their stuff to mine and talk with me directly on a free forum on my site. I will be posting questions and discussions. In a perfect world I’ll have it full of live discussions but I’m sure it will be me sitting at 4 am refreshing the forum waiting for someone to ask me something other than I want a dick pic.

How did you realize you have a massive cock and could make money out of it?

Strange enough I walked in on my parents when I was young and never felt so small. Glad to know now I got a big one. Still want that fucker one more inch so I can do crazy ass moves on camera. I had my ex quote crazy stupid love. She was really hot. That’s when I’m like “awwwwhhh shit. I’m getting some pussy”. The gym pays off.


Porn now is any different than when you started?

I don’t know. Times change. People change. Some of these guys have companies contracting them or doing whole show cases with them now. So I’d say I wouldn’t know the difference. When I met them I would laugh and tell them I saw them fuck so and so and they’d laugh. I’d laugh. They’d walk away… good times. The fans now, however, are definitely more interested in the male talent than they have been in the past. Now they have social media to contact them. That’s why I love my fans.

Are you a dominant alpha male?

Everyone seems to have their own definition for what dominant is. For me I prefer to do all the work in a scene. I’m living this crazy ass life where I fuck porn stars for a living for fucks sake. When I’m at home I do crazy shit. I date porn stars. if I feel like some slow deep thrusts whispering dirty shit in her ears like Chris Tucker from Fifth Element, portraying a fantasy and letting her lose herself in fuck or I can go crazy picking her ass up in the showering smashing her head into the ceiling while I try to tongue fuck her ass as deep as I can get it till she starts to freak out how deep I am, putting her down, grabbing her hair to force her to arch her back opening herself to me from behind while I bite her neck hard and hard as I penetrate her eager wet pussy then.. fuck it. I feel it out. If I can tell she just wants me use her body to jerk my cock off inside her till I cum and keep thrusting, or kiss her with a smile forcing her to stare into my eyes as I slowly spread her inch by inch teasing her with deep and shallow thrusts I do what I want. There’s no sex like home sex.


What are your favorite type of girl?

Big booty girls, doggy and cowgirl. Skinny girl, cowgirl, missionary. Big girls, side missionary, really horny girls reverse cowgirl. I can fuck like a beast in reverse or side missionary.

Are you living your 15 minutes?

My 15 minutes? Not yet. I feel like I’ll get that one video where I’m like. *drops mic* boom and those will probably be the crazy shit I have planned for my site. I’ve literally never seen anyone do them before.


Tell me about your daily day life…

I’ve pretty much just dived right in and stopped all side stuff. It’s basically porn, fans, scenes, gym. driving. Before porn though I was a fucking terror. I raced motocross, off road trucks, rally race. Just dumb immature shit. Anyone who sees my wish list sees my current mindset of side stuff.



Have you ever fucked Brazilians girls?

Yes, I’ve fucked a few Brazilian girls. I am definitely a booty guy. I love a good booty and so many Brazilian girls go crazy on the fitness. Love their bodies. I should take a trip and work with some in Brazil!

What if you had to describe yourself in one answer? What would you say?

Well, I can fuck like a beast in reverse or side missionary. I’m 28, I’m 6′, I’m 205 lbs, I don’t know. Dick is thick, I’m always with a girl. I love women and I tend to always want to surround myself with funny girls, I live in Los Angeles now.. which I said I rather die than live here.. got my wake-up call when I damn near went off roading falling asleep on my way home after a long scene.. pulled over, sprinted 100 yards to get the heart rate up. I said fuck that shit. I will die if I don’t. My shoe size is 11, I read way too much, I like the gym, I like eating pussy.. just put some coconut oil on it and just get messy.

Do you like modeling?

Modeling is bullshit. It’s a nonstop fight of endless empty castings or cheap pay, and they always want naked pics if they do hire you. The mainstream world wasn’t my cup of tea. I was surrounded by uneducated fools arguing over who is pretty and who is pathetic for the shoes they showed up to the shoot in. Basically a bunch of sissy dudes who never went to college or really did anything other than “model”. I’d be like I’m going snowboarding, who’s down?. They’d look at me like I asked them to, I don’t know, something offense. Porn is my home now.

Do you get recognize a lot in the streets?

I get noticed by girls. Always girls. Actually more like they say something while dudes look at me all squinty eye’d.. all suspect and shit and end up shaking their head and walking on. The only real time I had someone recognize me was in Las Vegas pool party club place called Drais or something like that. Crazy huge guy must been 6’7″-6’9″ screamed like a girl and swam over and picked my ass up and basically dragged me to meet his girlfriend and friends. His girlfriend thought he was an idiot, his friends damn near used up all their memory on their phone taking pics of me as I stood there confused and stoned outta my mind wondering what the fuck was going on and why 10 or more drunk dudes were taking pics of me? They caused such a scene, people started coming over and taking pics too not even knowing who I was as people all handed me drinks. I just wanted to finish peeing in the pool…


Tell me something we don’t know.

I think we as the human race need to disregard these false idealistic notions that we don’t owe the world anything. Living in the bubble that is social media and the United States, people have no clue what reality is. People just seem to only care about what they can get versus what they can give. We only have this planet at the moment and as the Fermi paradox goes we might lose everything. We breed at an alarming rate, we live to consume, we’ve become a parasite to the planet and each other all in the name of greed for others or our own.

That’s intense.

Yes, and we could start building solar everywhere, desalinization plants along all the coast lines bringing in fresh water to the land again. The oceans are becoming toxic from the rise CO2 levels. The planet I wished to explore when I got older is withering away. Shameful.. or how people are just mean.. the closer your ancestors lived to the equator the darker your skin evolved. Don’t be an asshole and be racist for no reason. Stop abusing what you don’t even consider a luxury. Food is a luxury. They have piles rotting in their fridge that they just end up throwing out.

What do you do to make this a better world?

I refuse to let food go to waste even if it risks my beautiful figure. I don’t know. I get heated over how many people I encounter that can’t have this kind of discussion. I have a huge library to educate myself because I always want to know the secrets of life, well actually i just want to know about everything.

Follow him on Twitter at @ChadWhiteXXX

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