Vadim Romanov: “I Like to Dominate ‘til He Can No Longer Continue Anal Sex”

Vadim Romanov was born in Russia when it was still called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), more specifically in the Moscow area.

He has been an engineer for over 20 years and more recently a hairdresser and a social activist against the regime in his country. Vadim has a massive cock of 21 cm and he is 1.72cm tall and 61kg of weight. He is also a porn star and does gay porn.

Vadim Romanov fucks like a beast. Inside Porn interviewed him. 

You seem like a guy who just started in the business, but in fact you have a lot of confidence in yourself. What do you keep in mind when you are shooting a scene?

During filming, I try to turn off my head and give 100% of myself to the feelings and desires, as it happens during sex in ordinary life. The viewer of porn wants to watch real sex, of course. And I try to give it to my viewers. All my partners turned out to be excellent and mouth-watering/yummy guys, so I always enjoy the filming process.

How did you get into porn?

Accidentally. I never thought of becoming a porn actor before, although this always aroused my interest. But at the end of summer – early autumn of 2016 Tim Kruger saw me “in the work,” that is, how I fucked and offered me to be in a film produced by TimTales. I did not immediately answer that invitation. It took a couple of weeks to make a final decision. The society still treats this work ambiguously, especially the Russian society (this is almost all my acquaintances, relatives, colleagues).

How far do you still intend to go into this career?

I find work in the porn industry a very interesting and positive activity. I do not know how deep and productive I will be able to get ahead in this direction, but I would like to be as much productive in this area as possible. All, of course, will be determined by luck, business proposals, my abilities and interest of the audience. I hope that everything will work well for me.


Do you think your work as a porn star can somehow help to fight against homophobia in your country? How?

Unfortunately, my work in porn at the moment can rather damage the observance of the rights of people in Russia. The current authorities/regime suppresses any freedom and rights (not only regarding to LGBT) and it is difficult to resist it, as was to Hitler in Germany 80 years ago. In recent years, I am in opposition to the Putin regime. And when I lived in Russia, I took an active civil part in rallies, pickets, control over elections, etc. Now the Russian media can use my work in the porn industry to continue discrediting the opposition. This kind of worries me.


What is it like working with Tim Krueger?

The guys from the TimTales are great. I mean, they are friendly, sympathetic, and attentive. It’s nice to work with them. For me they have become in some measure close people, close friends. At the moment I’m not an exclusive actor of TimTales, although I received such an offer right after the first film was released. I’m still thinking about it. To be honest, I would really like to be in the films of other studios too, since each has its own format, its own style. But I definitely want to continue to work with TimTales.

What makes Tim Tales so interesting in your opinion?

For me, TimTales is interesting primarily because its comfortable work and an excellent atmosphere during the filming. The audience receives from TimTales is quality and very interested in products with an emphasis on the size of cocks.


Is there any Brazilian bottom that you have worked with?

Yes, I had a Brazilian partner before. His name is Jonathan Miranda. The film is called “Barebacked in the sky”. Very beautiful picture, stunning view from the hotel and no less beautiful sex, I think. Jonathan is very sexy, with a beautiful athletic body. When it comes to the sex with him during filming, I got really a great pleasure.

Has porn turned into something that you didn’t expect when you started?

To be honest, I did not have any expectations, fantasies on this topic when I first started. Working in porn was a completely new occupation for me, and I, as a realistic and pragmatist person, did not make any assumptions about what will happen next, and what will not happen. However, I still did not expect that the audience will react so positively to the video with my participation. This is very nice and I am very grateful to the audience for their interest and support.


Most of your scenes are bareback. What’s your opinion on that?

Fortunately, I never had a problem with that. Bareback in porn is quite understandable. It looks more interesting and natural. Moreover, most people are engaged in protected sex, although in fact they would also like to practice bareback in the absence of risks, so bareback porn becomes for them one of the few opportunities to “spy” such sex.


Is there more pleasure involved when there’s no condom?

Of course. I feel a completely different, more vivid sense, when there’s no condom involved. It is a physical as well as mental thing.

What do you like the most while having sex with a power bottom?

I like to dominate and to bring a bottom to a state where he can no longer continue anal sex. However, I do not allow myself violence over a person, so after an aggressive sex I switch to a completely different person, which is more romantic sex, soft, in a way that the bottom can relax and enjoy other sensations.

Are you that dominant in real life?

I am a very active person in life, but I don’t need to dominate other than when I am having sex. Perhaps this sometimes happens, but in general it is not peculiar to me. As for the relationship, here for me the parity of forces between partners is very important; everyone should be on equal terms.


When and how did you realize you have a massive cock?

I somehow never attached importance to this. The first sex I had was at the age of 19 and around that time began my first relationship, which lasted 12 years. The realization that other guys are very interested in my cock came to me much later and was unnoticed most of the time.

Have you ever considered doing straight porn?

I’m gay and I was never really interested into straight porn as well as straight sex. This is absolutely not my thing.


How important is sex for you?

Sex and everything connected to it occupies now a significant part of my life. But there were periods when I completely excluded sex to concentrate on solving some important goals for me. Sex gives a lot of energy, but sometimes it takes away needful time. Therefore, at every moment of my life I try to find a balance between sex and everything else.


What’s an average day in your life like?

The main components of my standard day are work, study or self-education, sports and, of course, sex. I like to spend time with friends, but it does not always work out. Unfortunately, the Internet takes away a lot of our time. And I like to sleep 6-7 hours per night, which are enough for me, but it should be certainly at night. Therefore, I am a rare guest of night clubs, parties, etc.

Have you or would you escort at some point of your life?

Yes, the last seven months I have been escorting. If the guys want sex with me, if they want to get quality sex, and when I clearly can give them what they want, then why not? Sex can also be a commodity, such as a haircut at a hairdresser. It has always been so and, I am sure, I will continue to be offering that service.

Will we ever see you working as a bottom?

I’m not ready for that role, so I never thought about which of the top performers I would like to work if I was in a bottom role. But I always keep a small list of bottoms in my head for my active role.


What else do you do other than porn?

I’m an engineer-system integrator (IT industry) by education and I have been working as a programmer for almost 20 years. Also I have a second profession, obtained 8 years ago – which is a hairdresser. For a while I was also engaged in interior design. Last years in Russia, as I said earlier, I was a social and opposition activist. As you can see, I’m quite a nonstandard and versatile person.

Tell us something new. Something you never told anybody.

It’s hard to say something that I never told other people. I am an open person and seldom manage to keep one in me. Well, since I’m talking about porn now, I’ll say a few words about it. I have already said that I have several professions, but I have one dream – to be also a dramatic actor. Maybe porn is the first step in this direction? I sometimes ask myself this question. After all everything in life happens not by chance, so who knows?

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