Jessy Jones: “I’ve Shown The World That A Guy With Determination Can Make It Far”

When Jessy Jones first appeared in the porn scene, he called everyone’s attention due to his looks. Some would say, “that guy isn’t going to make it”, others would gossip about it “does he know what he’s getting himself in to?”.

Well, the true fact is that this Canadian stud isn’t exactly what you expect from a male performer. And the good news is, he’s here to prove that you don’t need to be like others to make it far in this industry. He’s not full of muscles or has his body covered with tattoos, but he does have a beautiful face, a cock that makes the ladies wonder if they can handle it (9 inches, or “a little more in a good day”) and, most important, his performance when the cameras and lights are turned on is incredibly perfect.

At the age of 30, Jessy Jones is one of the most important male performers based in Los Angeles, CA, where he now calls it home. Originally from Edmundston, New-Brunswick, Canada, Jessy makes it clear that crossing boundaries is not something unusual for him.

When he moved to LA he only had plans and a strong desire to be successful, no friends or what they call these days “porn friends hookup” to help him pursue his dreams. All Jessy had was a heart full of dreams and we all know the outcome.

“I have shown the world and the whole porn industry that a guy with a plan and determination from somewhere else in the world is actually capable of joining the industry on its own”, he told Inside Porn while flying from Vegas to LA.

Jessy Jones is currently working on his personal story which fans will get the chance to know about it very soon, he plays video games at home, loves golfing, snowboarding, motocross and surfing. He is in a relationship with porn star Jaclyn Taylor.

You said in a recent interview that there’s always the golden boys that get all the press and help from bigger companies and also the guys that have to struggle just to get a scene. Where are you at in those two groups today?

Well, not anymore, but back when I started I would have to prove myself and go months without work or even replies from directors. You have to take the scenes they give you, you know? Do DPs, Blow bangs, Gang bang and if you fail then you would go back in the end of the line and maybe never get a callback. Some dudes have it real easy these days. Brazzers scenes the first couple months in the business like those scenes are hand fed to them. I’ve never seen that before. They befriend people at head office so that they tight or hang out with media people to get PR and be nominated (to awards). And more, dudes fail many scenes and they’ll find excuses for them and blame the girl and they somehow get rehired. Now if that was me, people would definitely talk about it. That’s why now porn is more about volume than quality. Directors will take a chance on a 400$ talent instead of paying 800-1000$ to get the professionals. Gotta pay extra for the good stuff. Always.

Back then, and being from Canada made it more difficult to get chances and establish a name in this business?

It was extremely difficult. I had no connections, no friends or family in LA so I definitely had it hard in the beginning and as for a name for myself yes, being from Canada is harder than if I was from America. When they can’t laugh at your dick or your performance they laugh at your accent, that’s just how it is here.


In your opinion, what is the secret to last in an industry that can be very tough and challenging for most of people?

Self Control, consistency, people skills, respect, knowing your body, top cardio, no masturbating and learning how to deal with dumb asses on the daily and most importantly, the weed, man #1. (laughs).

What is a perfect “behind the scenes” atmosphere for you (and what the fans don’t get to see?)

Music playing, girls everywhere secretly drinking thinking we can’t smell it and helping each other out putting butt plugs up their asses while tweeting about it. And the director eating food while the PA baby wipes his hands because now the camera is dirty (laughs). Lots of stuff happening behind the scenes.

Based on your social media, you always come back home to visit family and friends. How Canadian can someone be when living in L.A?

Well first off I have dual citizenship so I am Canadian and American so I can work or travel as much as I want in both countries. However, Canada has a special place in my heart and will always be home for me. I am I am from Edmundston, New-Brunswick, Canada, where everything started and the reason I’m here today. But that’s a long crazy story and I’m actually writing about it at the moment, so if you’re interested you may be able to read about it in the near future.


Is English your first language or French?

I’m French and people do recognize it. I sound like a French Canadian trust me on that (laughs), but most American think I’m from France not Canada.

I noticed that you have been doing a lot of press lately. Are you a celebrity back home?

I’ve always been anti this or that I don’t like or trust the media in general. Almost like Kurt Cobain did back in the days you know? Yes, I do this work but I also need my personal life. I don’t consider myself a celebrity but I do get recognized more in Canada than L.A, that’s for sure.

What’s new on Jonestud Production M.O.B{Money over Bitches}?

Just to make it clear. M.o.B doesn’t stand for Money Over Bitches let’s just put this out there I respect women and I make my Living with them so that statement would be incorrect. Mob means My Own Business and its doing very well actually. I have over 30 scenes and lots of behind the scenes. I didn’t launch yet because I want everything to be perfect and I keep getting bigger and bigger talents on it. Soon it will be ready for all you amazing fans out there to interact with me and see what type of filming I do.


One of the things I find interesting about you is that you are not necessarily built, hairy, inked, not a typical male performer, but you have some characteristics that make you a very good one. Do you think you have crossed boundaries when it comes to stereotype in porn? 

I have actually. I’ve shown the world and the whole porn industry that a guy with a plan and determination from somewhere else in the world is capable of joining the industry on its own. Do solid scenes, fuck in every position possible in the cold or the heat, find work without an agent or “porn friends hookup” and be successful and in demand every month. See, when I watch porn I personally want to see a guy that opens up, showcases the girl and keeps his dick hard all the time and that connects with a girl not a dude who stares at his abs during the scene. That’s it!!! If you like a straight performer because of his muscles or a hairy chest or a certain tattoo, and not his passion and his performance, then you might be watching the wrong porn. #Justsaying

We can’t find solo content of you on the internet. 

I’ve never done a solo or Skype or Gay porn before.


Do you think that people is paying more attention to the guys in the business today than before?

I personally only knew Manuel Ferrara, Nacho Vidal and Rocco Siffredi back then and that’s because they were hardcore and I wanted their jobs so bad. I’ve never really noticed the dudes, but in today’s day and ages yes I think that guy’s are being hired simply for their looks and not for their talent.

You are very dominant when it comes to sex. Can you tell us what is Jessy Jones like in real life?

The point is to bring 100% out of the girls and push their boundaries while you both enjoy yourself and I respect that so if you see me doing rough sex it’s because me and the female talent talked about it beforehand. At home, well, l like rough sex as well and I do all types of crazy stuff but that’s kind of secret. (laughs).


Gonzo is your favorite kind of porn. Why?

No bullshit scripts on and off set in 2 hours and you can fuck any position you want. So we spend more time doing some dirty hardcore fucking than reading Lines that nobody listens to anyways.

What else do you do other than porn? 

I deal with music and I actually have a clothing store, however I try not to mix that with porn.


Have you ever dated or fucked a Brazilian girl before? 

I would love to go see Brazil. I love everything about it, the food, the people, the beaches, everything!! And as for if I had sex with a Brazilian woman before, come on Elton!! You know I have… plenty times and they are just amazing all around and the asses, ow man. Just wow.

This one I received by email from a fan in Brazil. She says, “I love your mouth and voice. I could kiss you all day long. Can you please ask the producers to show more of your mouth, lips, tongue?”.

Well first of all, thank you to that fan for saying that I really appreciate it. And as for asking the director to allow that, I don’t think that’s happening! He’ll probably just laugh and say this ain’t your show boy, with an American accent and everything (laughs).

Follow him on Twitter at @JessyJonesxxx

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